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We Have Seen a Few Major Breakthroughs in Cars

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Advantages of Xenon HID Lights over standard halogen lights
With the rapid advances in car technology in the past decade we have seen a few major breakthroughs in cars that completely changed the way we drive for the better. The major improvements came in many different forms. Some of them include in-car navigation systems, Air Bag Improvements, the ability to change all wheel drive and suspension settings on the road, and the most important change, headlights that greatly improve visibility at night.
Xenon lights as they are called are made from xenon gases found in the earth’s atmospheres. We have probably come across a car before on dark stretch of road that we thought was high beaming us and thought it was just a rude motorist. In fact it probably may have just been a car with xenon lights installed instead of the regular halogen light bulbs. This trend towards HID (high intensity discharge) lights is growing exponentially over the past few years. It seems now that almost every other car on the road has a pair of bright blue / purple tint lights. There is in fact a reason for their growing popularity. The Xenon bulbs offer great advantages over the standard automobile head lights that we are used to.
The first major advantage is that the xenon light bulbs have greater output of light. They are up to 3 times brighter than standard halogens. At night this is very crucial because the lack of visibility is the biggest cause of automobile accidents during night time driving. The second biggest advantage is that the viewing radius is increased up to 70 percent! Xenon light bulbs will have 70% wider road coverage due to the fact they are brighter. This will illuminate any blind spots on the road and especially would be useful in spotting any potential road-side hazards such as debris and animals on the road. With the whiter light with a blue tint on xenon headlights we are able to have a clearer visibility on the road. The whiter light penetrates darkness better than the yellow halogen light and as a result we are able to see better in tougher weather conditions like rain and fog.
The best benefits of xenon HID lights are the most obvious direct benefits that they offer. They are a lot more durable than halogen lights. They can withstand a greater amount of vibration and shock from the road due to there being no filament. There is also much greater life span. Xenon gas will last up to 10 years; this is about 3 times longer than halogen. As an end result this will save us money and any trouble dealing with a blown out light at night. Of course with a light that is 3 times as bright you may think that it also consumes 3 times as much power...Wrong! Xenon lights consume 25% less power than standard headlights and produce 25% more light.
With all these benefits to gain by using xenon lights, you may wonder why they are not even more widespread then they already are. There is an issue of cost and also a lot of people don’t have the time to drive to a mechanic or just install the lights themselves. While the really high end xenon HID light kits cost up to a few thousand dollars through car manufacturers like Audi, BMW, Honda, Nissan, Mercedes, Toyota, and others there are affordable xenon bulbs that can be bought online direct from the bulb manufacturers for under $10. At XenonLightShid xenon lights from Hi-Lite Industries can be found to fit almost any car at a very reasonable price. According to the website installation can be done by anyone without any car repair experience in under 15 minutes. While that may be an exaggeration for a soccer mom but it should take no more than 20 minutes to stick 2 light bulbs in their sockets.

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Advantages of Xenon HID Lights Over Standard
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