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How to Approach Large Customer Base of Shower Head

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Shower head is the basic requirement of every bathroom. It means that the demand for the showerhead is not only consistent but it will keep increasing due to various reasons like improvement in the quality of life of customers etc. Still, some international buyers, who outsource production, can sometimes find it difficult to sell the massive quantities of the showerhead to their customers as they are unable to approach them properly. Hence, we have developed an out of the box communicating solution for them while keeping in mind their particular situation i.e. a large customer base and diversified showerhead products. Let’s dive straight into the ultimate communicating solution to approach large customer base of showerhead.    

The first step is to do smart customer segmentation. Customer segmentation means breaking down the customer base into different categories to easily differentiate and identify patterns. However, The smart customer segmentation means doing the segmentation rightly i.e. eliminating the less relevant segments and focusing on the most relevant segments in order to increase efficient use of resources to maximize profits. The simple example of smart customer segmentation while selling shower head is that a company should focus on demographic segmentation i.e. age, gender, education, income, marital status, and occupation of the customer instead of focusing on psychographic or behavioral segmentation that is less profitable to focus on.

The second step is to create an incredibly relatable story that can have a decisive impact on the sales to segmented customer base. Let’s test the talk by creating various stories on one shower head i.e. shower head with the arm while focusing on one segment i.e. age.  Here are the pictures of some of the great shower heads with arm and we will be creating extremely concise stories of them depending on the demographic segmentation of age.

Stories for the demographic segmentation of age

Story to target the age group of 4 to 12
This showerhead with arm is the only perfect solution for your bouncy kid. Moms can easily maneuver the quick yet complete shower with its help. Furthermore, it can be easily accessed and maneuvered by growing kids so they can learn to shower themselves. 

Story to target the teenage group (13 to 19)This shower head is ideal for those who love to explore and break the chains of conventions. So, throw out the wall fixed showers and get this shower head with an arm. Never settle, take the world in your hand and sing as loud as you can while having the ultimate shower.

Story to target the age group of the 20s to 40s
This showerhead with arm is ideal for a quick and complete shower. Furthermore, it will save the precious water from being wasted which will ultimately decrease your bills. It looks amazing on the wall and its utility supersedes any other shower head.

Story to target the age group of the 40s to 70s
This showerhead with the arm can be the most comfortable choice one can ever make. It is designed specifically to be super easy and comfortable for aging people. The button on the shower hand arm can stop, pause, increase or decrease the water and the hook can adjust it on any place. 

Above four age stories of the same shower head with the arm can be combined into one new story i.e. shower head for life. That story can target the entire age segmentation of the customer base. Similarly, all the stories of various targeted segmentation can be combined into the one ideal story of the showerhead. That incredible product story will be ideal to approach your entire targeted large customer base. So, build your ideal product story and approach a large customer base with confidence.

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