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StarTube:EP10 Prefabricated Building

Prefabricated building is gaining its momentum in construction industry. This article helps you break down the unique traits of this practice and figure our if it is what you need for your own business. It also contains some recommended suppliers for prefabricated buildings and the producer price index which tells you raw material prices.
StarTube:EP10 Prefabricated Building
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The most basic part of prefabricated building that every construction industry practitioner should know. What are the advantages of prefabricated building and why are they important for construction business. A list of products where suppliers offer good quality prefabricated buildings on different price levels. Global energy crysis still has a major impact on the business, energy-related industries have witnessed another upsurge.
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What is prefabricated building?

Prefabricated building provides an alternative solution to conventional ones where the components of a structure is pre-assembled in the factory and the complete assemblies are directly transported to the site for installation.

In tradition, the methodology of building is to transport all the materials required to the site, like bricks, sand, steel, cement and etc., then construct on site according to the blue print. Prefabricated buildings, however, only ask the construction team to build the foundation and then bolt the whole building on that basis.

The types of prefabricated building.

On the basis of material type, this industry is classified into concrete, steel, wood, plastic and other compound materials. In terms of construction, there are permanent modular and relocatable modular in the forms of walls, roofs, floor and others. The usage can also be categorized into residential, commercial, and industrial.

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The advantage of prefabricated building


  • Minimize unexpected influence on building quality


Being built in enclosed factories where the temperature and humidity are well-controlled, prefabricated buildings provide same level of firmness on lighter weight. The materials are also kept in a stable environment so it is not exposed to negative effects like water and extreme heat. Moreover, the construction time is usually shortened compared to on-site building due to the materials can be made precisely on schedule.


  • Flexible solution for different needs


Prefabricated buildings are also available for customization, from the wall placement down to the number of sinks. It’s open to standardized samples or upgraded finishes while being efficient compared with conventional process.


  • Optional for temporary and permanent.


While prefabricated buildings are made in the factory and shipped for assembling, they can also be permanent rather than just temporary places. There are finishes available for stone facades, wood facades, and more. The prefabricated building can be as firm as stick built ones and it’s possible to relocate after the installation.

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  • Lower construction danger


On-site building is know for certain level of hazard both in physical and chemical and that’s also why the construction workers are normally well-protected. By contrast, the construction process of prefabricated building is significantly lower that of onsite. Plus, the process of building the foundation can collide with that of prefabricated building, saving quite a lot of time.


  • Greener construction


Prefabricated building is also known for its environmentally friendly traits. Not only they can built in energy efficient ways, they can also save more than 90% material waste due to predictable building process. This approach uses much less wrap, cardboard, wood pallets and plastic foams. Meanwhile, it’s easier to deconstruct once it is not needed and can be moved to the recycling station faster.


  • Expansion abilities


Conventional buildings usually are one-shot deals that expansions based on the original ones would be much more difficult compared with prefabricated buildings. This type of construction can easily accommodate your need. It is not only easy to expand, but also faster to build with multiple solutions.


  • Budget advantage


Customizable and pre-build don’t necessarily mean high budget. Despite prefabrication manufacturers can get raw material discounts, this production process also reduces the possibility of injuries on the workers. The time saved from the process also resulted in less financing cost.

Based on the function and features we mentioned earlier, we put together a list of product for you to choose from, these suppliers offer good quality prefabricated building on different price levels.
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Global resources crysis is till at its prime and causing the Mining and Washing of Coal industry's PPI to increase at 120%. Extraction of Petroleum and Natural Gas and Processing of Petroleum, Coal and Other Fuels also witness a growth of 106% and 107.3% separately, you can check out the rest here.

Producer Price Index for Industrial Products
 (preceding month=100) Oct 2021 Sep 2021 Aug 2021
Total 102.5 101.2 100.7
Mining and Washing of Coal 120.1 112.1 106.5
Extraction of Petroleum and Natural Gas 106.0 99.1 98.8
Mining and Processing of Ferrous Metal Ores 91.1 91.3 98.5
Mining and Processing of Non-Ferrous Metal Ores 100.6 101.0 100.7
Mining and Processing of Non-metal Ores 101.4 100.4 100.6
Mining and Support Activities 99.9 95.5 99.8
Processing of Food from Agricultural Products 100.2 99.9 100.0
Manufacture of Foods 100.4 100.2 100.3
Manufacture of Liquor, Beverages and Refined Tea 99.7 100.0 99.7
Manufacture of Tobacco 100.0 100.0 100.0
Manufacture of Textile 101.3 100.4 101.0
Manufacture of Textile, Wearing Apparel and Accessories 100.4 100.2 100.1
Manufacture of Leather, Fur, Feather and Related Products and Footwear 100.1 100.0 100.1
Processing of Timber, Manufacture of Wood, Bamboo, Rattan, Palm and Straw Products 101.0 100.4 100.1
Manufacture of Furniture 100.1 100.5 100.1
Manufacture of Paper and Paper Products 100.5 100.1 99.7
Printing and Reproduction of Recording Media 100.1 99.9 99.8
Manufacture of Articles for Culture, Education, Arts and Crafts, Sport and Entertainment Activities 99.8 100.2 100.0
Processing of Petroleum, Coal and Other Fuels 107.3 103.3 101.0
Manufacture of Raw Chemical Materials and Chemical Products 106.1 102.0 101.9
Manufacture of Medicines 100.4 99.7 100.0
Manufacture of Chemical Fibres 103.5 98.7 101.0
Manufacture of Rubber and Plastics Products 101.3 100.1 100.1
Manufacture of Non-metallic Mineral Products 106.9 102.9 99.9
Smelting and Pressing of Ferrous Metals 103.5 101.8 102.2
Smelting and Pressing of Non-ferrous Metals 103.6 102.9 101.4
Manufacture of Metal Products 100.9 100.7 100.6
Manufacture of General Purpose Machinery 100.4 100.2 100.2
Manufacture of Special Purpose Machinery 100.3 100.1 100.2
Manufacture of Automobiles 100.1 100.2 100.1
Manufacture of Railway, Ship, Aerospace and Other Transport Equipments 100.1 100.1 100.3
Manufacture of Electrical Machinery and Apparatus 100.7 100.5 100.4
Manufacture of Computers, Communication and Other Electronic Equipment 100.1 100.0 100.1
Manufacture of Measuring Instruments and Machinery 100.0 99.9 100.0
Other Manufacture 100.0 100.1 100.1
Utilization of Waste Resources 101.0 101.9 100.2
Repair Service of Metal Products, Machinery and Equipment 99.7 100.3 100.1
Production and Supply of Electric Power and Heat Power 100.5 100.4 99.6
Production and Supply of Gas 101.3 102.5 101.7
Production and Supply of Water 100.2 100.0 100.0
Data Sources: National Bureau of Statistics


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