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Suzuki Introduces New Jimny 4WD Vehicles in Japan

Japanese automaker Suzuki has introduced the all new Jimny 4WD minicar and compact car in the country, for the first time in 20 years.

The vehicle is equipped with a 1.5L engine and its off-road functions and performances are claimed to have been enhanced.

The vehicle was first launched in 1970 and is said to have been the only 4WD vehicle in Japan at the time.

LJ80, which was sold in Japan as Jimny 8, also gained popularity in overseas market as one of the early 4WD vehicles, which was launched in 1977. The third generation of Jimny made its debut in 1998.

The new variant has more functionality and practicality, both in its appearance and performance while still embodying the spirit of its predecessors and its core concept of being the ‘only small and lightweight 4WD vehicle’.

Jimny has been built to express off-road functionality. Its square-shaped body can offer better situational awareness and flat clamshell bonnet can enhance visibility.

The interior of the vehicle is claimed to minimise distraction while driving. The black interior and the controls have been designed for quick and easy operation, even while wearing gloves. Every detail has been carefully crafted to support serious off-roading.

The vehicle which was earlier powered by 1.3 litre engine. The new engine offers stronger torque at all rpm than its predecessor. Higher torque at low revolutions can enhance driving performance, especially while driving off-road, where low revolution is often needed.

Suzuki also claims that the even after the new engine has increased displacement, it still has smaller overall dimensions, compared to the 1.3L engine, with 15% reduced weight, contributing to increased fuel efficiency.

The new vehicle offers a maximum output of 75kW at 6000 rpm, with a maximum torque of 130Nm at 4000rpm. The power and torque from the engine is transmitted to the wheels by 5-speed manual transmission and 4-speed automatic transmission. Customers can choose between the two options.

Jimny has part-time 4WD system with low range transfer gear, which can be easily switched from 2H (2WD-high gear), 4H (4WD-high gear) and 4L (4WD-low gear) modes by a shift lever directly connected to the transfer gear.

Compared to the 4H mode, the 4L mode can transfer more torque to the tyres while in lower gears, for better traction on steep slopes and rough terrain.

It is also claimed that when two wheel diagonal from each other lose traction, the vehicle’s brake LSD traction control can automatically brake the slipping wheels to redistribute torque to the other side and allow the vehicle to gain traction.

This system lets the Jimny escape slippery surfaces along with bumpy rough roads that vary on right and left sides.

The vehicle is also equipped with Suzuki Safety Support, a preventive safety technology that helps the driver avoid accidents.

In case of a risk of collision, the Dual Sensor Brake Support will issue audio and visual warning, increases braking force or will apply strong automatic brakes depending on the situation to avoid the collision or reduce damage.

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