Trade Resources Company News ETG Lighting Co., Ltd. --LED Chandelier, LED Light Bulb, LED T5 Troffer Fixture, LED T8 Troffer Fixture, etc.

ETG Lighting Co., Ltd. --LED Chandelier, LED Light Bulb, LED T5 Troffer Fixture, LED T8 Troffer Fixture, etc.

ETG Lighting's LED T-bar

Founded in 1989 as a manufacturer of traditional lighting fixtures, ETG Lighting Co., Ltd. shifted to LED lighting manufacturing in 2006 by supplying LED chandelier, LED light bulb, LED T5 troffer lighting fixture, LED T8 troffer lighting fixture, LED downlight, high-power LED lamps, LED reflector, LED aluminum light bar, LED cabinet light, and LED outdoor project light.

The company makes all of the lights strictly in accordance with international standards concerning color temperature, lumen, aluminum heat sink, and thermal coefficient.

Its chandelier adopts ceramic-substrate packaging technology, achieving the brightest illumination and perfect beaming angle of its kind. Also, the light comes with elegant, elaborate and classic design.

Its troffer lighting fixtures are equipped with 3014-type SMD LEDs and optic-lens panels, delivering smooth light and wide beam angle. The 30W lighting fixtures are equivalent to 100W lamps in brightness.

The company's light bulb comes with hollow aluminum heat sink and optics-grade polycarbonate globe, effectively letting out thermal and light.

The company designs and makes the lamps by itself, proving its capability of developing lighting fixtures for the advanced light sources.

With diligent R&D efforts, the company has been able to introduce quality LED lighting equipment that meets international standards and attract orders at home and overseas.

Thanks to its efforts in developing innovative products, the company has expanded customer base over the past few years and its products are highly acclaimed by the world's customers.

By introducing energy-saving lamps with ever-improving technologies, the company is fulfilling its commitments of protecting the environment, reducing carbon emission, and saving energy.

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