Trade Resources Industry Views China 1h17 LED Lighting Exports Total Us$10.4 Billion, Says GGII

China 1h17 LED Lighting Exports Total Us$10.4 Billion, Says GGII

China-based LED lighting firms recorded total export value of US$10.4 billion in first-half 2017, increasing 63% on year, and the corresponding export volume of 7.9 billion units grew 46% on year, according to Shenzhen Gaogong Industry Research (GGII).

About 16,000 China firms exported LED lighting products in first-half 2017 and the top-10 posted combined export value of US$1.18 billion, taking up 11.4% of the total. Yankon Lighting and Leedarson Lighting were the top two, occupying 2.22% and 2.15% respectively of total value.

Light bulbs were the largest segment in terms of export value and volume, and 1.2 billion light bulbs totaling US$1.3 billion were exported in first-half 2017. Among the 3,200 LED light bulb exporters, Leedarson and Yankon were the top-2 accounting for 12.6% and 9.5% respectively of total value.

For LED filament light bulbs, China-based makers mostly made OEM/ODM shipments to Ledvance and Philips Lighting. They are the globally top-two vendors for the segment.

According to Digitimes Research, global LED penetration of lighting products will reach 36.7% in 2017 and rise to 42.8% in 2018, 49.8% in 2019, 60.6% in 2020 and 70.2% in 2021.

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