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Top 3 Advantages of Using LED Lighting

The lighting industry is growing like any other, and new developments are making headways every day. One such technological advancement that has made heads turn in the world of lighting is LED lights. It can be hailed as one of the most exciting prospects in the industry at the present moment. The structure of LEDs is very small. They are solid bulbs of light that are known to be extremely durable and energy efficient. You can find a lot of different variants of LEDs including the LED Bulb Light, LED Panel Light, LED Tube etc. The operation mechanism of LEDs differs from incandescent light bulbs, thereby making them a better and much more durable from the aforementioned variant of lighting. This article aims to mention some of the greatest benefits that LED lights have.

Huge lifespan- When compared to traditional forms of lighting, the biggest advantage that LED lights have is the comparatively larger lifespan. The average lifespan of an LED is 50,000-100,000 operating hours and sometimes even more. This duration is 2-4 times greater than most sodium vapor lights and fluorescent metal halides. The number of hours that a LED light can operate is almost 40 times more than the average operating hours of an incandescent bulb. Having such a long lifespan provides you with two more advantages. It lowers the maintenance cost and also lowers the costs that you might have incurred for replacing parts, thereby being the ideal light to use.

Energy efficient- LED lights are known to consume very low levels of power. When you are calculating the energy efficiency of a lighting unit and comparing it with another two of the things that need to be considered include useful lumens and luminous efficacy. With the help of these two markers, you are able to determine the amount of light that is emitted by the lighting unit for one unit of power consumption. When LED lights have been subjected to this test it had been found that there was an improvement of 60-75% in the energy efficacy of the place as compared to lighting setups that didn’t use LED lights. If better qualities of lighting are used, this improvement can be extended till 90%. Therefore, it is clear that LEDs are proven to be more energy efficient than other forms of lighting.

High levels of Color Rendering Index- Color Rendering Index or CRI is the marker which tells you how efficient a light is in revealing the true color of an object, similar to the effects that natural light has when reflected against the object. LEDs are known to have a high CRI, making it perfect for lighting and highly desirable.

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