Trade Resources Company News Wisdom Well Technology Has Seen Its 200W LED High Bay Lights and 500W LED Flood Lights

Wisdom Well Technology Has Seen Its 200W LED High Bay Lights and 500W LED Flood Lights

Taipei,May 23,2012(CENS)--Actively engaged in development and mass production of LED lights with power of over 200 watts,Wisdom Well Technology Ltd.,a Taiwanese supplier of LED lamps and electronic devices,has seen its 200W LED high bay lights and 500W LED flood lights well received in overseas markets.Wisdom Well's directors indicated that the company takes advantage of its unique heat sink and optoelectronic integration technologies to work out these high-power LED lights particularly for use in special working environments.The efforts have paid off,as the firm's 200W LED high bay lights have been widely adopted by mining companies in Africa and Australia to replace 500W mercury-vapor lights,while the 500W LED flood lights,featuring high brightness of over 30,000 lumens,have been credited as world's only model that is functionally replaceable to 1,500W metal halide lamps.In fact,this maker is originally dedicated to making optical discs,and has gradually ventured into LED lights in recent years when the market for optical discs has shrunk.To fend off existing large-sized players in the new marketplace,the company's directors said that it has mainly devoted itself to production of high-power models that call for higher technologies to carve out its niches.Presently,200W-above models make up the majority of the company's LED light portfolio.To boost its profile in the segment,Wisdom Well is poised to launch its solar LED lighting series this year.The directors introduced that the company has successfully developed high-efficiency solar LED streetlights,which,given the solar cells effectively exposed to sunlight for a day,can keep working for three nights when running out of battery power.Besides,the company provides three-year warranty for the series,as well as competitive prices.With a wider product portfolio,this maker will move to penetrate the market for LED lights in developed countries such as Germany and Switzerland in the short term,confirmed the directors.

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Wisdom Well’S 200w-Above LED Lights Well Received Overseas