Trade Resources Company News Bsteel Has Completed Six E-Commerce Service Platforms

Bsteel Has Completed Six E-Commerce Service Platforms

Currently, after assessment by Ministry of Industry and Information Technology, Bsteel wins the title of "2012 state-level information technology and industrialization in-depth integration business model", which is the first time that Bsteel receives this honor.

After 10 years of exploration, Bsteel has completed six e-commerce service platforms: e-procurement, e-marketing, e-trading, financial service, infrastructure service and data service. It has formed large-scale application in steel B2B transaction main business areas.

E-commerce's rapid development has provided strong support for Baosteel iron and steel main industry development. With e-commerce platform, Baosteel's "sunshine operation" is carried out effectively. Around steel-related business, Bsteel has gradually built e-commerce platform supporting common material, engineering equipment, spare parts procurement and achieved full electronic procurement operation. Meanwhile, for the problem of enterprise waste and idle resources processing, Bsteel develops waste and idle resources online trading platform. With waste and idle resources online auction as the method of disposal, it ensures enterprise waste and idle resources' open, just and fair sales.

On this basis, Baosteel will extend e-commerce service to more business areas and further develop e-commerce platform synergies. Last year, relying on e-commerce platform advantages, Baosteel industrial product trading platform is built into the largest manufacturing industry standard industrial product trading area and offers large and medium-sized manufacturing enterprises with shared industrial trading platform.

While strengthening information technology self-construction, Baosteel e-commerce's progress has also led supply chain green development. Through the integration of a variety of service resources in the industry chain, shared service platform provides users with integrated cloud service, meets users' customized needs and thus promotes supply chain upstream and downstream enterprises' common development.

After 10 years of practice, Baosteel e-commerce service has begun to cover the entire supply chain, including suppliers and users and formed e-commerce business model with two major forms: transaction and synergy. It effectively supports whole process operation before, during and after the transaction and makes positive contribution in promoting large industrial enterprises and the vast majority of small and medium-sized enterprises' industrialization and information technology integration.

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Bsteel Named as "State-Level Information Technology and Industrialization in-Depth Integration Business Model"
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