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Why a Feng Shui Bedroom?

 Feng Shui Bedroom Tips for Romance and Relaxation


Why a Feng Shui Bedroom?

The bedroom is meant to be a peaceful escape from the worries of everyday life. Besides being a place to relax, an adult bedroom should also encourage romance, passion, and intimacy. Does your bedroom evoke feelings of calm, peace, and restfulness? Does it get you and your partner in the mood for love? If not, maybe you should consider a Feng Shui bedroom.

A Feng Shui bedroom is designed precisely for the qualities mentioned previously: to promote rest, relaxation, and romance. Feng Shui bedroom design considers everything: bedroom colors, art, accessories, placement of the bed, and more. Using the following Feng Shui tips for the bedroom, you could notice an improvement in your love life and sense of calm right away! That's another great thing about Feng Shui decorating- results in some cases happen very quickly!

Never heard of Feng Shui? Basically, it is an ancient Chinese belief that the placement of objects affects life in many ways. Many people follow the principles in decorating their homes and offices.

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Wood headboards are better than a metal bed. Feng Shui bedroom with lots of metal attracts energy. A large metal headboard may attract too much energy, resulting in restless nights and difficulty falling asleep.

Feng Shui Bedroom Mirror

Mirrors are bad for a Feng Shui bedroom. Mirror is thought to promote infidelity when placed in this area of the home. The worst place for a mirror in the bedroom is directly across from the foot of the bed. Any other place where you can see yourself from the bed is a very unlucky location for a mirror in the bedroom, according to Feng Shui.

To be safe, avoid having any mirrors in the bedroom at all. If you can't move your bedroom mirror, at least cover it up at night.

Feng Shui Bedroom Tips - Lighting

Everyone knows that candlelight amplifies romantic thoughts and feelings. Feng Shui decorating principles agree! Light is very important in a Feng Shui bedroom.

Avoid the use of harsh lighting. Do not have a ceiling light turned on directly over the bed.

The best lights for a Feng Shui bedroom to attract romance are candles. Be sure to buy quality Feng Shui candles with no lead or other pollutants.

Replace broken or burned out light bulbs in your bedroom right away. If you don't, they will create stagnant energy in the room.

Feng Shui Bedroom Pictures

Adding happy photos of you and your romantic partner together are excellent choices, according to Feng Shui. Romance will blossom as both of you are reminded of blissful times together.

On the other hand, leave photos of family members, kids, or anyone that isn't you and your partner out of the bedroom for the best Feng Shui love results. Keep those photo memories in other areas of your home.

Feng Shui Bedroom Art and Feng Shui Bedroom Accessories

Feng Shui bedroom art and accessories should include happy or peaceful images. Avoid art that seems lonely or isolated, however. Try to find art with people, animals, or objects in pairs.

Hang an image directly across from the bed that is inspiring and uplifting to both you and your partner. Or a favorite knicknack or decorative item that produces the same results. Seeing this when you first wake up every morning and the last thing at night can have a very positive effect on your outlook each day.

Feng Shui Bedroom Tips for Love Life Using Imagery

If you want to spark more romance, try to put more emphasis on romantic art, accessories, and images. Find romantic photos of you and your mate as a couple, romantic paintings, and romantic figurines. Flowers are also good choices. As mentioned before, romantic imagery in pairs is an excellent choice to enhance your love life. Display pairs of candles, angels, or love birds throughout your bedroom.

Be sure that at least these two prominent places have romantic imagery in your feng shui bedroom- the spot directly across from the headboard and the first place you see when you enter the bedroom.

Feng Shui Bedroom Love Nest Tips

Before getting to Feng Shui bedroom decorating, here are a couple of general Feng Shui tips for the bedroom:

Shut all doors every night in your bedroom. This includes not only the main door, but the door to the master bathroom, closet doors, the works. Also be sure that all drawers are shut completely. This is to keep all chi energy pathways flowing freely without becoming blocked.

Feng Shui design abhors clutter in the home or office, and Feng Shui bedrooms are no exception. It all goes back to that chi energy flow. Clutter blocks the ability of chi to flow freely throughout your home or office. Be sure especially to keep surfaces uncluttered that are visible to the eye, especially those closest to your bed, such as your nightstands. But also even your bedroom closets and drawers should be neatly arrranged.

Speaking of bedroom clutter, be sure that your bedroom door can open all the way with ease. If you have to squeeze through because you have shoes piled up behind the door, that's not good for Feng Shui energy. Clear out the way for your door to open easily.

Also, if your bedroom door squeaks or sticks, get out some oil. Get rid of the squeaking. Fix your bedroom doorknob if it doesn't turn or open easily. Your bedroom door is the literal entrance to both your sanctuary and your love life. You must make it easy for love and peace to enter.

Try to always have sheets, pillowcases, blankets, bed covers, and the pillows themselves made from natural materials, if possible. Of course, if you are allergic to specific materials, don't use them.

Metal Bed - Feng Shui Says No

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Feng Shui Bedroom Tips for Romance and Relaxation