Trade Resources Economy E-Commerce Sales in Brazil to Reach $27.8 Billion

E-Commerce Sales in Brazil to Reach $27.8 Billion

According to the report released by online payment company paypal, online shopping payment in Brazil will reach $27.8 billion in 2014, up 21% on year.

The report said that the payment through portal devices such as tablets and smart phones reach 7.3 billion BRL, up 50% on year. By 2015, online payment will reach 92.9 billion BRL, up 33% and payment through portal devices will increase 106% to 15.1 billion BRL.

The report said that the e- Commerce market size is far beyond imagination and shopping through mobile device will show amazing growth. Brazilians prefer to purchase plane tickets online, which is rare in other countries.

Besides, Paypal conducted a survey on some 800 residents aging more than 18 to analysis their online shopping characteristics and habits. The survey showed that Brazilians, taking 48% of the investigated choose online shopping to save time and make it convenient.  And 36% of the investigated prefer the lower price.

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