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Colombia's Imports & Exports in 2015

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In 2015, Colombia’s imports & exports volume was USD 89.75 billion, down 24.5% by year according to Colombia statistics. The exports volume was USD 35.69 billion, down 34.9% and imports volume was USD 54.06 billion, down 15.6%. The trade deficit was USD 18.37 billion, up 98.9%.

In December, Colombia’s imports & exports value was USD 6.7 billion, down 27.6% by year. Exports value was USD 2.54 billion, down 32.5% and imports value was USD 4.16 billion, down 24.2%. The trade deficit was USD 1.62 billion, down 6.1%.

According to Colombia statistics, Imports & exports value of 2015 between Colombia and China was USD 12.3 billion, down 29.9%. Colombia’s exports value was USD 2.26 billion, down 60.7%. It accounted for 6.3% of Colombia’s total exports, down 4.2%. Colombia’s imports from China reached USD 10.03 billion, down 14.9%. It accounted for 18.6% of total imports, up 0.2%. The trade deficit was USD 7.77 billion, up 28.7%.

Up to December, China has become the third largest market for Colombia’s exports and the second largest import source for Colombia.


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