Trade Resources Industry Trends A Wheelchair Can Climb Stairs: Scalevo

A Wheelchair Can Climb Stairs: Scalevo

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The magic science and technology make these easier to be accepted a wheelchair - that can climb stairs (Scalevo), can let the disabled person go to the places where it is almost impossible to imagine before:

A Wheelchair Can Climb Stairs: Scalevo

From ten of the Swiss federal institute of technology and the design of the students at the university of Zurich, Scalevo is no difference with a wheelchair, just, the secret is under its belly - two caterpillar driving mechanism, when need to climb the stairs, two relatively long caterpillar will reaches down, crawling up the ladder backward, at the same time push the wheelchair itself up, and always keep the wheelchair to level.
At present, the whole project is still in progress. And the students have a very big goal, they hope to attend Cybathlon sports meetings held in Switzerland in 2016, which is a high-tech prosthetics Olympic Games.

A Wheelchair Can Climb Stairs: Scalevo_1

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