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LED Lighting Market Value Was Only Half of Backlight Market

In 2013 LED lighting market value was only half of backlight market, but with rising demands LED lighting market value is expected to be the same as backlight in 2014, said FOREPI Chairman Chien Fen-ren during Asia Pacific LED Lighting Standard and Specification Development Seminar on Jan. 8, 2014. Chien went on noting by 2015 LED lighting market value will be double of the backlight market.

Chien pointed out, while market demands for LED chip specs has become higher, prices have fallen. Components in a LED luminaire can be broken down into lighting engine, driver and outer shell. There have been few changes in outer shell prices, but light engines that comprise of LED components have reached a bottleneck where there is limited room for further price reductions. As a result, the industry has been improving power technologies to lower overall costs. 

If High Voltage (HV) LED products are used it can simplify power supply unit design, where a single LED driver IC chip can be used as replacement and further lower costs, said Chien. Past solutions tend to have the flaws of overtly large power supply units and shorter life spans. Therefore, Chien is optimistic about HV LED developments in 2014.

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Forepi Chairman Optimistic About HV LED Development
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