Trade Resources Industry Views Cambridge Launches New Smart Packaging Concept for Pharmaceutical Sector

Cambridge Launches New Smart Packaging Concept for Pharmaceutical Sector

Cambridge Consultants, a global product design and development firm, has introduced a new smart packaging concept for the pharmaceutical sector.

The AudioPack interactive packaging concept is designed as an alternative to traditional leaflets to help improve compliance and the patient experience.

Cambridge said that AudioPack will provide instructions for patients for using medicine with audio messages that are triggered by touch-sensitive paper packaging.

Cambridge Consultants senior industrial designer Adam Haynes said: “From our extensive interviews with patients learning to use various medical devices with packaging and instruction leaflets, we know that traditional instructions can be difficult to read and learn from – often, a patient doesn’t even know where to start.

“Our deep expertise in industrial design and human factors gives us the perfect insight to create a packaging system that is more intuitive and much less intimidating for patients.

“Our goal with AudioPack is to transform medical treatment through user-friendly, approachable design – ultimately improving effectiveness and benefiting the whole healthcare ecosystem.”

Additionally, ‘talking’ packaging allows patients to overcome their initial fears of starting a new treatment or medication while providing extra guidance.

AudioPack provides step-by-step audio instructions on how to use their new medical device, through character named Ana.

The new packaging can also reduce clinical expenses by simplifying the treatment process for less tech-savvy users or patients with cognitive issues caused by their disease.

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