Trade Resources Industry Views Clariant Exhibits Advanced Color Ranges at Western Coatings Show

Clariant Exhibits Advanced Color Ranges at Western Coatings Show

Clariant is set to showcase its advanced color ranges at this year’s Western Coatings Show in Las Vegas, US.

The event is being held between 15 and 18 October.

At the event, the company will exhibit two complete color ranges of pigment preparations, including Hostatint UV and Hostatint A 100-ST.

Hostatint A 100-ST is a range of nine pigment preparations, which provides the entire color circle to solvent-based paint systems.

The transparent and halogen-free pigment preparations allow to create metallic and color travel effects in industrial coatings. It can be used in applications such  as glass, wood or metal.

Hostatint UV is a range of easy-to-use colorants for UV cured wood coatings for colored UV systems.

The ready-to-use tinters can be used for both interior and exterior coatings, as well as cover the full color spectrum in opaque and transparent applications for dual and 100% UV systems.

For the US coatings industry, Clariant provides a portfolio of waxes, light stabilizers, anti-oxidants and non-halogenated flame retardants.

The firm’s EcoTain label can identify products and solutions that offer sustainability and performance excellence. Each product and solution with EcoTain label underwent a systematic and in-depth screening process using three sustainability dimensions.

Clariant will also exhibit additive solutions, including Ceridust 8090 TP and Ceridust 8091 TP additives for water-based formulations. They will offer anti-slip effects to wood coatings with better scratch resistance.

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