Trade Resources Industry Views Rapak Conducts Regional Food Industry Networking Event at German Factory

Rapak Conducts Regional Food Industry Networking Event at German Factory

Rapak, a bag-in-box producer and part of the DS Smith, Plastics Division, has conducted a regional food industry networking event at its factory in Germany.

Representatives from major food-related businesses in the German Rhein-Neckar region visited the plant in Schwetzingen to learn more about the company and got inspired by Rapaks’ innovative Bag-in-Box packaging solutions and site’s capabilities.

The Rhein-Neckar region in south western Germany is home to many global and medium-sized corporations, including DS Smith Plastics’ largest European facility producing Bag-in-Box bags.

The industry network consists of companies dedicated to farming, processing, transport and supply of food and beverages. It is sponsored by the municipality and consists of 20 renowned players including DS Smith, ADM Wild, Südzucker, Gelitta, REWE, Naturin Viscofan, amongst others.

DS Smith Plastics, Flexible Packaging Europe general manager Alexander Kayser said: “The network is set to seek better understanding of members’ capabilities, share new development needs, get joint access to universities and improve the visibility as an employer.

“As a leading producer of flexible packaging, DS Smith Plastics plays an active role in this network. We believe that our role encourages trade between members and boosts the expansion of commercial activities.”

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