Trade Resources Industry Views Orion to Upgrade Several U.S. Schools with LED Retrofit Lighting Solutions

Orion to Upgrade Several U.S. Schools with LED Retrofit Lighting Solutions

Orion Energy Systems, a leading designer and manufacturer of high-performance, energy-efficient retrofit lighting platforms, today announced several school districts nationwide have selected Orion lighting solutions to reduce their maintenance costs and energy use while improving the quality of light in the classroom. Recent installations include Chula Vista School District in California, Webster Groves School District in Missouri, and the School District of Spencer in Wisconsin.

The Orion LED Troffer Retrofit suite, granted a patent earlier this year, has become a favorite in educational facilities due to the attractive design, optimized light delivery, maintenance-free performance, and under two-minute install, which provides faster overall project completion and minimizes the disruption of class activities.

The Orion Apollo LED Recessed Troffer, known as the Jetson, is an ideal upgrade for schools and other public sector facilities seeking to replace energy-consuming fluorescent troffer fixtures with high efficiency LED light sources. The Jetson is designed specifically to maximize rebate and incentive potential.

Mueller Electric recently completed a comprehensive retrofit project at the School District of Spencer, which included upgrading all of the school’s 1200 legacy T8 fluorescent troffers to the Jetson in less than five days with no disruption to class or work schedules. Spencer’s use of the Jetson also made the school eligible for higher rebates, compared to competitive retrofit products, from Focus on Energy, the Wisconsin investor-owned utilities’ statewide energy efficiency program, due to the Jetson’s patented design and UL Luminaire status.

“We were spending way too much maintaining the existing lights and needed to find a better cost alternative. The reduction in maintenance is huge for us as well as the projected energy savings. Now the maintenance crew can focus on higher-need projects in the schools. We anticipate saving 50 percent on our lighting energy usage, which is a big deal,” said Michael Enderas, Superintendent of the School District of Spencer. “We did not expect the new LED lights to get installed that quickly and we couldn’t be happier. It was painless for us, and the new fixtures look so much better. Our staff and students went home and came back to classrooms with a more alert and clean atmosphere that is more conducive to learning. Everyone was excited by the dramatic change.”

“Orion’s quick delivery and ease of installation allowed for maximum productivity across the entire project. We were able to coordinate efforts on multiple fronts, from material handling to cleaning crews, so the installers could work as efficiently as possible and avoid any interference with the school’s daily operations,” said Bill Mueller, Principal of Mueller Electric.

“Demand for the Jetson and our full LED Troffer Retrofit suite continues to grow as more educational facilities seek to reduce their maintenance and energy costs while enhancing the learning environment for their students,” said John Scribante, Chief Executive Officer of Orion Energy Systems. “These recent installations exemplify the growing demand for Orion LED retrofit projects in education: the key differentiator being our ability to work closely with our partners and customer to deliver a high-quality, non-invasive, efficient lighting solution under a very tight timeline with maximum return.”

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