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AquiSense Unveils UV-C LED Water Disinfection System

AquiSense Technologies of Florence, KT, USA, which designs and manufactures UV-C LED systems, has unveiled the PearlAqua UV-C LED water disinfection system, which incorporates UV-C LEDs into a compact water treatment unit, without the use of chemicals or mercury-based UV lamps.

The LEDs also allow for instant, full-intensity power on start-up, unlimited cycling, and remote start/stop. A height of just 4 inches (103mm) aids integration of the PearlAqua into water treatment systems. Aapplications include life sciences, medical devices, transportation, and commercial water.

"This product marks a key milestone as the first production volume UV-C LED water disinfection system," claims founder & CEO Oliver Lawal. "It is the result of eight years development work, over $5m investment, and hundreds of hours of user interactions."

AquiSense says that it uses advanced techniques for the evaluation of UV-C LEDs from leading device makers. Multiple UV-C LED devices are combined into a single, replaceable UVinaire lamp module that is able to achieve the high levels of UV intensity required to provide maximum disinfection. "The fact that we're now able to produce a small-footprint, low-cost UV-C LED water treatment product in high volumes speaks to the strong progress that the UV-LED manufacturers have made over the past 18 months," comments Lawal.

Pre-orders for PearlAqua are set to begin in September. First deliveries will commence in December. The unit is just the first in a new range of disinfection products to be launched by AquiSense.

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