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iPad Mini 2 Will Adopt Retina Display

It is reported that Apple's next-generation iPad mini 2 will adopt Retina Display, because Taiwan has yet not put retina display into mass production, AUO is bowled out from the competition for display supplier of iPad mini 2. Apple considers the stability of supply, Samsung returns to Apple display supply chain to offer display to Apple iPad 5 and iPad mini 2, Samsung, LGD and Sharp are the three display suppliers of Apple.

According to reports from South Korean media, AUO is unable to produce LCD displays that meet Apple's requirements and therefore it cannot obtain the iPad mini 2 orders, while Samsung re-obtains Apple's orders. It has been rumored that Samsung has already begun sending display sample of Apple's iPad mini 2 for certification, if the yield can be improved; it has the opportunity to be put into massive production. In response, AUO said that it will not comment on a single customer and order.

iPad mini had been hot in last year, so in Apple's product planning, the 9.7-inch iPad and 7.9-inch iPad mini are its main products this year, and both the two major product lines are shipped more than 5,000 million units throughout the year.

Due to high demand, the display supply of the two product lines will be offered by three providers this year, in addition to ensuring shipments, but also hopes that bargaining power will further increase after the introduction of the three suppliers.

Rumored that the display resolution of iPad mini 2 is increased from 1024 x 768 to the retina display, and the backlighting is 2 in 1 chip, it will use less LEDs and the products will be slimmer.

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iPad Mini 2 to Use Less LEDs for The Adoption of Retina Display
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