Trade Resources Industry Views RPC Superfos Designs New EasySnacking Pack for Viciunai's Salad Range

RPC Superfos Designs New EasySnacking Pack for Viciunai's Salad Range

RPC Superfos has designed new EasySnacking pack for Lithuanian food producer Viciunai Group’s surimi sticks and fish salad range.

The new pack includes special spoon in the lid feature, which is an advantage to the VICI salads range.

VICI salads range is comprised of Surimi sticks with shrimps in white sauce and Atlantic herring fillets in a mushroom sauce, as well as other varieties of surimi and herring salads.

The spoon is injection moulded similar to the EasySnacking pot. The salads can be taken by removing the self-adhesive label on the top of the plastic lid. 

EasySnacking pot is re-closable and stable, as well as optimized for stacking whether it is filled or empty. 

Viciunai intends to launch the salad range in larger size packs, offering consumers with different sizes between 150g and 250g pack.

Viciunai Group packaging category purchasing manager Erda Jurgaityte said: “We wanted a new type of pack for our new range of salads, and the 210ml EasySnacking appealed to us.

“The solution is completely new on our market and one of the biggest advantages of the package is the integral spoon, which is smooth and pleasant to touch.”

The VICI salad range is available at supermarkets, petrol stations and other local stores in Lithuania, Latvia, Estonia, Poland and the Czech Republic.

The company is also planning to launch salad range in Bulgaria.

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