Trade Resources Industry Views Injection Moulded Products Expands Stackabox Line of Bulk Dispensing Containers

Injection Moulded Products Expands Stackabox Line of Bulk Dispensing Containers

DS Smith Plastics Division’s Injection Moulded Products has introduced a new bulk-dispensing container, Stackabox Hybrid.

The company’s Stackabox line of bulk dispensing containers will allow to dispense, store and transport preformed components.

The new bulk-dispensing container features the same top lid and dispensing base of Stackabox, while the middle section is provided with AkyPack corrugated plastics sleeve to adjust the height as per the customer needs.

Stackabox Hybrid, which is a lighter version of the original Stackabox, can be easily washed for hygienic products. It will help companies to print their brand products names on containers.

Stackabox bulk-dispensing and collapsible containers are suitable for the transportation, storage and dispensing of PET preforms and caps and closures.

The company is providing Stackabox in compact, medium and maxi formats. These bulk-dispensing units are suitable for an optimum truckload in the UK and mainland Europe.

With an ideal fold-down ratio, Stackabox Hybrid can be used with all other dispensing systems.

The new bulk-dispensing container has a lifespan between eight and ten years, and can be completely recycled at the end of its life.

Earlier this month, DS Smith Plastics, Extruded Products Hurbanovo has showcased plastics returnable packaging solutions at Industry Expo 2017 in Timisoara, Romania.

At the event, the company has exhibited various plastics reusable packaging solutions such as boxes, separators, returnable containers and different corrugated plastics solutions for suppliers of automotive and electronics spare parts.

DS Smith, Plastics Division produces flexible packaging, filling equipment, liquid dispensers, rigid packaging returnables and foam products.

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