Trade Resources Industry Views Axalta Coating Systems Has Expanded Its Global Product Portfolio to Include Abcite

Axalta Coating Systems Has Expanded Its Global Product Portfolio to Include Abcite

Axalta Coating Systems has expanded its global product portfolio to include Abcite, a thermoplastic powder coating formulated for toughness, durability and outstanding corrosion protection, without the need of a primer. Abcite offers lasting performance for a wide variety of industrial and exterior applications, including outdoor furniture, light poles, playground equipment, offshore vessels, railings and stairways, water transportation pipes and valves and fittings.

"We are excited to offer the Abcite product line to meet the global needs of our customer base,” said Danielle Blomert, business director. “Abcite has properties derived from engineered polyolefin-based polymers combining toughness, excellent adhesion to substrates and resistance to shock.” Unlike thermosetting powder settings, Abcite simply melts onto a pre-heated surface. When cooled, adhesion, appearance and physical properties are established without the need for curing.

Mike Cash, president of Axalta’s global industrial coatings business, commented, “Abcite is another established technology that we now offer on a global basis to customers who demand a superior level of performance and quality.”

Another advantage of Abcite for customers is the ability to absorb impact and remain intact over many years, even in demanding conditions such as permanent contact with water and very low temperatures.

Abcite thermoplastic powder coatings have been tested and certified by external institutes according to recognized standards for corrosion protection, such as ISO12944-6. Tests have confirmed that a single layer of Abcite provides and even surpasses the corrosion protection level usually achieved by a three to five layer liquid paint system. All of these attributes are available in a sustainable powder coating technology with no VOC emissions or targeted HAPs. Abcite is available worldwide.

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Abcite Thermoplastic Powder Joins Axalta's Global Product Portfolio
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