Trade Resources Industry Views China Truck Makers to Shake up Australian Market

China Truck Makers to Shake up Australian Market

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With Chinese manufacturers like Sinotruk kicking about overseas, how long will it be before Australian transport companies trial them or owner-operators give them a run?

On the Korean front, Hyundai's new Xcient P520 6x4 offers what will no doubt be an affordable prime mover option, that by all accounts is a fairly good truck.

The Sinotruck models seen at the Expo Nz, a truck show that has showcased the latest and greatest from manufacturers, may just be set for Australia's truck market, considering they are a stones throw from New Zealand.

If these trucks prove to be reliable, affordable and suited to Australian conditions, they could spur a shake up among the existing manufacturers they use down under.

What will this mean for truck manufacturing locally? Well, let's hope the added competition improves Australia domestic manufacturing, rather than choking it. After all, a model made for use in China would surely need to be 'Australianised' for their conditions once landed there.

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China Truck Manufacturers Set to Shake up Australian Market
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