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Survey Says Americans Are No Strangers to Spilling Their Drinks

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A survey conducted by Contigo found that Americans go to surprising lengths to avoid spilling their drink (and the embarrassment that comes with it).

Inspired by the surprising steps that consumers will take to avoid spills, Contigo launched a campaign titled #SipConfidently to encourage consumers to sip their beverages confidently and avoid everyday spill situations.

The #SipConfidently campaign encourages consumers to share photos of their stress-free commute with their Contigo travel mug or water bottle. The brand’s line of AUTOSEAL to-go beverageware products are thoughtfully designed to automatically seal between sips and are 100 percent spill-proof and leak-proof.

Survey results revealed unexpected facts about America’s spilling habits and what they’d sacrifice to a avoid spills. Key findings from the survey include:

We’re a clumsy nation: Two in three US adults have spilled a drink in the past year, and some generations sip more confidently without spilling than others. Over half (53%) of Millennials have admitted to a spill, compared to 35% of baby boomers.

We’d give up anything to go spill-free: One in five Americans would give up social media to be spill-free for a month.

Multitasking can lead to spills: One in three Americans that frequently spill are seen by survey respondents as trying to do too much at once, and 40% of Americans admit to spilling while in the car.

Sometimes we’d like to spill on certain individuals: If given the opportunity—and with no consequences —one in four working Americans would love to spill coffee on presidential candidates.

Contigo Marketing and Product Development vice president Todd Starr said: “We all have had our sip mishaps, and our job is to make sure Americans can confidently take on their day without the stress of a spill.

“All Contigo products are thoughtfully designed and engineered for an on-the-go lifestyle. We are always listening, observing and talking to consumers, seeking the best solutions to their everyday problems — like making it to work with your coffee in your travel mug, not on your shirt.”

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