Trade Resources Industry Views Leibinger to Showcase Fastest Inkjet Printer at Fakuma Trade Show

Leibinger to Showcase Fastest Inkjet Printer at Fakuma Trade Show

German inkjet printing technology manufacturer Leibinger said that it will showcase its JET3up RAPID, a continuous inkjet printer at the upcoming Fakuma trade show to be held in October, this year in Friedrichshafen.

The company claims that the new printer allows for cables to be marked immediately after extrusion at up to 1000m/min which is 40% higher printing and production speeds.

To make this possible, the company stated that the printer has a higher drop frequency, while having printheads that are specially designed for high speeds.

With JET3up RAPID, micro printouts with character height down to 0.7mm, makes it possible to use this machine on very small electronic parts. The printer can print on dark surfaces as well with light and high-contrast inks.

There is an automatic nozzle seal that prevents the ink in the printer from drying out even when there are long breaks in production, while providing the benefits of small-character inkjet printers.

During the machine is stopped, the gutter and the nozzle form an airtight circuit, which does not let out any ink out of the circuit, while preventing air from entering the nozzle.

When the printer is stopped for long durations, thanks to the nozzle-closing technology, Leibinger claims that customers can resume printing within a minute without resorting to any cleaning cycles.

The continuous printing can mark and code on all possible materials and surfaces including flat, concave, convex, structure or rough.

Inkjet coders can print fixed or variable data without contact, during ongoing production and with fast-drying inks. The printer can allow for applications of simple text segments, serial numbers, best before dates in various fonts, logos, common barcodes and DataMatrix codes as well as PPN codes.

Apart from this, there are 800 standard integrated functions are ideal for optimally adapting the printers to any application situation.

When the automated JETmotion XY traverse system is combined with WINJET3 XY software, the company claims that it can offer an imprinting of the entire product range from left to right and from top to bottom.

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