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Google Offers Another Great Reason to Buy a Pixel or Pixel XL

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The Google Pixel phones are among the best available, even with the influx of 2017 Android flagships from Samsung, HTC, Essential and LG.

But given it's last year’s handset, what incentive do fans have to grab the ‘Made by Google’ phone over some newer, flashier rivals?

Well, we’d say guaranteed Android version support and rapid updates for at least the next two years would be a decent reason, wouldn’t you?

Google has promised the the current Pixel range will receive Android O this year and Android P in 2018 (via Android Central).

When it comes to Android Q (aside: what they hell are they going to call that then?), in 2019, the picture is less clear.

Google is guaranteeing the next two updates, but that doesn’t mean it won’t continue to support the Pixel thereafter.

Regardless, there will be security updates until October 2019, which means your handset will be one of the safer devices running Android.

The Pixel phones, like the Nexus forefathers are a great option oid fans? Drop us a line in the comments below.

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