Trade Resources Industry Views Meyn, Cabinplant, Multivac Partner to Offer Joint Food Packaging Solutions

Meyn, Cabinplant, Multivac Partner to Offer Joint Food Packaging Solutions

Meyn Food Processing Technology, Cabinplant and Multivac Sepp Haggenmüller have agreed to collaborate to offer joint solutions for food producers.

The solutions will range from processing, filling and product weighing right through to packaging for the food manufacturers, so that they get benefitted from the combined quality. 

The partners believed to generate considerable synergy effects from their collaboration.

Meyn claims to be a major provider of comprehensive solutions for poultry processing that range from slaughtering to packing.

From the delivery of the living birds through to the delivery of the packed products to the market, Meyn does the planning and completes whole factories for all processing stages.

Cabinplant claims to have complete solutions to offer for the food processing industry. Its expertise is said to be in the weighing, portioning and accurate filling of products that are not easy to handle.

It serves customers in the meat, poultry, fruit and vegetable sectors along with those in the fish, seafood and convenience food industries.

The third partner, Multivac is a packaging specialist providing packaging solutions for all types of food products. It also has solutions to offer for labelling and inspection of finished food product packs and secondary packaging.

Besides, Multivac is also into the customized development of complete packaging lines as well as the integration of partner equipment.

Meyn, Cabinplant and Multivac have signed a cooperation agreement with a focus on poultry processing. Another cooperation agreement has been signed between Cabinplant and Multivac with respect to projects and lines for ready-to-eat meals, fish and meat.

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