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High German Map to Launch a New Version of The Car, You Can Let The User to Lose The Phone Navigation

Compared to the Chinese presented the large but impractical networked car concept, the vehicle communication and networking called Telematics , more points to the multimedia and information technology. In fact, whether it is TOYOTA Gbook, or SAIC inKaNet, with a screen in the car for many years, to strive to achieve the so-called Internet of vehicles, it is in this direction.

Helpless, whether it is a mobile phone projection, or the introduction of a wealth of video content, as well as access map navigation features, are not able to really wake up the car on the control platform of the efficient use of this screen. Reason without him, multimedia capabilities, the phone is not just need to call, and the offline navigation service experience is too poor, was high German and Baidu two mobile phone navigation comprehensive extrusion.

However, after all, the mobile phone navigation is not enough to move, not only is not safe enough to take up the space inside the car, but also reduces the phone's battery life, hardware life, etc.. High Germany took the lead in the production of their own revolution". At the same time last year, the High German map Launch Vehicle version 1, and in December 7th this year, after a lapse of one year, the High German map and introduced the version (AUTO AMAP) 2.

For high moral map of the two generation car machine version of the product, High German car division president Wei Dong said, "last year's product called AMAP AUTO1.0, it is only in our mobile phone engine moved to the car, and not a real car for the design of a navigation products. The AMAP1.0 version can only be solved in the car than offline products better, but not up to the mobile phone navigation better than."

In the high moral map machine version (AMAP AUTO) 2, is proud of its high German in September this year released AI engine, with cross platform, self-learning, cloud control ability of three features, according to the basic properties, the relationship between people and land, the user's driving habits, and Ali big data consumption ability and preferences, High German maps provide different search results to the user, planning route, navigation remind and message push personalized services.

It seems that in the High German car division general manager Li Xiaobing, "rely on the AI engine in large data capacity and machine learning ability, High German map machine version 2 will be completely different from the previous vehicle navigation products, for different environments and needs, provide personalized travel service optimal location."

In the process of driving titanium media reporters to a Wharf Road, High German map to remind the owners, pay attention to avoid the side of the truck, but it is a big truck roared. High German product department staff said, this feature is the location of the Goldki, the road and traffic information, as well as user feedback and other data given intelligent tips."

And in front of the car machine map services, high moral map and car manufacturers CAN data as well as OBD were combined, can be reduced in the car when the car is recommended to automatically recommend near or along the refueling site.

In addition, the High German map car version and mobile version of the account was opened, when the car into the parking lot, the end of the car navigation part, while the mobile version of the High German will automatically turn to the last mile pedestrian navigation.

And in addition to the introduction of AI engine, High German map car version 2 most people feel intuitive, for the car version of the UI design and detail presentation. In the car, the map is the main function of navigation, so the high moral map interface is the initial input destination, but compared to the High German mobile phone version, car machine version to remove the menu bar, plus car machine itself for the big screen, map elements and road marking is also more clear.

Improvement of the details, when the car to the intersection ready to turn, the High German map of the vehicle will be based on the state of the vehicle, speed, etc., on the left side of the screen gives a progress bar when the turn.

In the vehicle in the complex intersection, will automatically pop up a substantial proportion of the real three-dimensional map, convenient owners more intuitively determine the direction of travel.

The complex conditions 3D real interface

And compared to the mobile phone navigation, High German map of the car will also guide the navigation instructions to each lane

At present, in addition to the coverage of the car, the high moral map is also combined with the mirror manufacturers launched a vehicle mirror version of the vehicle navigation. For the special use of the car scene, the High German car version of the enhanced voice interaction. In the use of voice technology, High German map machine version adopted an open and cooperative attitude, namely speech recognition in the front part, take iFLYTEK and Speech scheme based on the cooperation of manufacturers, and in the back-end transformation and search, use what search voice technology itself.

According to reports, the high moral map machine edition has been in the eye of heaven, Philco, Lu Chang, DESAY West, proceed through five navigation brand first, consumers can visit the brand Tmall flagship store purchase. While in the field of front loading, loading machine version of the 2 models will also be listed at the beginning of next year.

Although limited by the access to CAN data, the High German map car version of the service can not be maximized, but for the high moral character, which is the fastest way to the user. For users, on the basis of existing cars, this is the most rapid and convenient way to enjoy the High German Internet travel service." Li Xiaobing think.

According to field staff, the High German choice of cooperation in the car manufacturers are shipping a million of enterprises, and the Gao De map of the vehicle version of the vehicle navigation orders has exceeded 9 million. Some analysts said that last year, China's passenger car sales more than 24 million, after the market demand has achieved sales of nearly 10 million car sales, which shows that the performance of the former market is not satisfactory.

In order to expand the market, High German is also using its own and Alibaba's online advantage resources to help car companies to partner precision marketing, enhance the attention and influence of new products and brands. Over the past year, Gauld started jointly with many car companies launched a new car promotion, including BMW, Audi, Jaguar Land Rover, Changan automobile, Geely Automobile, SAIC, Roewe and other domestic and international mainstream car prices.

In 2013, the transformation of high moral map from a map service provider to the Internet data services company, to 2015 delisting from the Nasdaq was acquired by Ali, High German map providers sell completely abandoned the path data to make money, through the free development strategy, to provide SDK and API to the downstream manufacturers, help car manufacturers to sell cars do promotion, even free high precision map, almost all for one purpose: Service in the industry, for the industry to fu.

According to the High German map market department staff said that high German is a map data services company, on a single enterprise acquisition is far from enough, through the free strategy, the high moral map service to push more terminal up, and these enterprises and users will collect data and feedback to the high Germany, through this shared mode, the High German data will grow rapidly. Today, High German data amount has been obvious: with 650+ km navigation data, more than and 360 City Road, about 57000000 POI......

However, the profit structure of High German is not clear, to know how to maintain map data collection, and later the production requires a lot of cost for the layout of the strategy, at present the public almost have to say, it is the Alibaba behind the continuous feeding.

So where is the future of business opportunities in the high moral map? Maybe you can do such a speculation, the accumulation of map data directly to the broader high precision map and automatic driving technology, High German Ali through blood transfusion, extensive layout, linking a large number of car prices, the massive data of precipitation, after becoming a leading opponent heavyweight role industry, and ecological in this map data mining business opportunities.

But this is, after all, is envisaged, at least on the current point of view, high moral is an important part of Ali's future war, a steady flow of blood supply.

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