Trade Resources Industry Views Amerlux Launches Indirect LED Luminaire for Garage Applications

Amerlux Launches Indirect LED Luminaire for Garage Applications

The new Amerlux Chaperone is transforming dark, uncomfortable parking environments into safe, pedestrian-friendly venues with high levels of visibility and safety in an elegant style. Crisp and attractive, Chaperone LED Indirect Garage Luminaire greatly reduces glare, giving the comfort of indirect lighting and incorporating significant cost efficiencies for building owners.

"Chaperone is a game changer in not only style but in performance within the garage luminaire category, rendering the older sodium, fluorescent and metal halide luminaires obsolete," explains Amerlux CEO and President Chuck Campagna. "This new, attractive LED fixture provides substantial levels of safety, security and visibility that building owners, pedestrians and motorists require at top-level parking facilities."

Amerlux Launches Indirect LED Luminaire for Garage Applications

The new Amerlux Chaperone LED Indirect Luminaire provides a new sense of security in the garage. (Amerlux/LEDinside)
Unlike most direct lighting garage fixtures that impose an unattractive glare, Chaperone uses indirect light technology to reduce glare, improve performance and quality of light. The fixture is available in 40- and 75-watt models, delivering up to 5,625 lumens with an efficacy of 75 lumens per watt, pending final testing. Available in 4000K and 5000K color temperatures, Chaperone delivers Type 3 and Type 5 distributions to meet any parking garage application requirements.

Chaperone is crafted of die-cast aluminum housing for long lasting durability, and a die-cast aluminum heat sink, which ensures maximum thermal protection. The fixture also features a clear acrylic lens and an integral driver, and operates on universal 120-277 volt systems.

With instant-on capabilities, control options include a line voltage occupancy sensor and wireless network control system. The line voltage occupancy sensor provides direct lighting control with 0-10v LED driver compatibility. It operates at full power when motion is detected and switches back to a lower dimming level after the area is vacated. Dim levels can be manually set to 0, 10, 20, 25, 33 and 50 percent.

The optional LSN open wireless network control system is composed of four elements: sensors for gathering light levels, temperature, and other information; a network node platform to support light control and scheduling along with an ability to process and transmit the sensor data; a cloud platform for data processing and storage; and a complete monitoring service to manage the sensors, node platform and cloud services. The system can be expanded to include video, car counting, and license plate recognition.

Chaperone can be mounted directly to the junction box as a pendant using a hook or trunnion.

Premium quality silver powdercoat finish is standard. A broad palette of custom finishes is also available.

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