Trade Resources Industry Views Romaco Showcases 15 Machines at Interpack

Romaco Showcases 15 Machines at Interpack

Romaco, a Germany-based packing and process technology manufacturer, has demonstrated 15 of its machines at the recently held Interpack 2017.

The company exhibited the machines to industry professionals and to its new owner, the Chinese Truking Group.

Included in the lineup of Romaco’s display at Interpack were seven innovations while a new product line was altogether launched at the event.

Romaco Group CEO Paulo Alexandre said: “It was an interpack with the focus on content.

“More than three quarters of the people we spoke to at our booth were new or existing customers, and the dozens of talks we had and the negotiations we engaged in were output orientated and targeted.”

Among the innovations were three packaging lines and nine standalone units designed for manufacturing and packing pharmaceutical solids. Romaco stated that the introduction of four new machines in the corporate industrial design demonstrated the supplier’s key role within the group with its portfolio of seven brands.

Apart from the new Noack NBP 950 blister machine and Promatic PCI 915 intermittent motion cartoner, the Siebler STF 120 tube filler which was sold to a German pharmaceutical manufacturer prior to Interpack also made its first appearance at the packaging fair.

Truking Group chairman Yue Tang said: “The diversity of Romaco technologies at interpack is an inspirational experience.

“The synergetic effects of the brands are instantly apparent to visitors to the trade fair and the potential created by Romaco’s system solutions for the global pharmaceutical industry is easy to see.”

Romaco, which could attract some sales during the Interpack, said that four of its exhibition machines were configured with its Industry 4.0 technology and Remote Assist for demonstration reasons. For virtual communication between the machine operator and Romaco’s service technicians, the new remote maintenance generation uses smart glasses.

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