Trade Resources Industry Views PET Technologies Introduces New Series of Flexible High-Speed Blow Molders APF-Max

PET Technologies Introduces New Series of Flexible High-Speed Blow Molders APF-Max

PET Technologies has introduced the 4th generation of PET stretch blow molding machines APF-Max with output range 6 000 - 14 000 bph for bottles volume of 0.2 – 3.0l.

The product range consists of basic 3 models: APF-Max 4, APF-Max 6, APF-Max 8 and its modifications. First customers have already revaluated its features.

Innovative design and user-friendly interface

Evenat first site automatic blow molding machine APF-Max is totally different from PET Technologies product range. Streamline form and corporate coloring, electric cabinet backside and communications connected via the top of the machine are only a few features to highlight.  

Quick change and flexibility

APF-Max series has 4-,6-,8-cavities configurations that match APF-Max 4, APF-Max 6 and APF-Max 8 models. You can buy 7 000 bph modification and after certain period of operation increase the output up to 14 000 bph! You just need to install extra mold cavities and several ovens on the heater. All the mold cavities areseparated, so you can easily install and remove one. Only 15 minutes are enough to change the blow mold and start to produce another PET bottle format. The customers say that only two hours are needed for APF-Max changeover for another preform neck standard.

All-electric configuration

Automatic blow molding machine APF-Max has 6 servo drives to guarantee stable PET bottle manufacturing and high output. They are embedded in the mold closing unit, preform stretching, heater, preform transfer to the blowing part and bottle outfeed system. Automatic temperature regulation and preblow are also controlled via PLC form B&R.

NIR heating system and low total installed power

APF-Max blow molder is equipped with the special short-wave near infrared heating system (NIR). It is not a common method for PET blow molding machines market, but has its evident benefits. Preform heating is more efficient and in the same time less kilowatts are consumed. The heater itself is significantly shorter. Thus, APF-Max output is higher and its dimensions are more compact.

Universal and easy, efficient and user-friendly

These are only a few attributes to characterize new generation of PET stretch blow molders APF-Max. Could you imagine to change all 108 mandrels in the heater in 15 minutes?! It is reality. The first customers have already benefited from this advantage.

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