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Loscam Displays New Pallets

Last year, Loscam began to wonder if store ready display pallets could be more user friendly. These days, more user friendly means stronger, safer for the product it holds and with a smaller footprint.

These were the three key requests that Loscam received when it consulted with chain participants in the FMCG manufacturing and supply sector at the end of last year. With an increasing number of goods now being moved straight to the retail floor, priorities have shifted.

"Two of the greatest advantages of our solution over existing display pallets are the fact that it can carry significantly more weight and the ergonomic design minimises risk of OHS issues," Michael Donahoo, Loscam's head of customer solutions announced. The new pallet responds directly to the expressed needs of Australian FMCG supply chains for timely, efficient and sustainable solutions.

The Loscam display pallet is also made in Australia, which helps to promote Australian world class manufacturing and lowers the environmental impact of international shipping.

"We are extremely excited about being able to broaden Loscam's solution offering to our customers in Australia. We can provide a full range of returnable equipment from manufacturing, storage, transportation and now in-store display, backed by Loscam's nationwide network and industry leading customer service," Donahoo said.

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Loscam Builds a Better Pallet