Trade Resources Industry Views Engel to Showcase Inject 4.0 Products at Plast Eurasia 2017

Engel to Showcase Inject 4.0 Products at Plast Eurasia 2017

Austrian company Engel will showcase its inject 4.0 products and solutions for injection molders in the fields of smart machine, smart service and smart production at Plast Eurasia 2017 to be held in Istanbul, Turkey, from December 6 to 9.

The company will demonstrate how digitalization and networking can be applied to maximum effect in the plastics processing industry using inject 4.0 solutions.

The inject 4.0 solutions are aimed at helping companies realize the smart factory, where production systems are networked; machine, process and production data are used systematically; and intelligent assistance systems are deployed, to achieve self-optimization of production processes.

This will help plastics processors increase productivity and quality.

The company will produce inject 4.0 logos over the four days of the fair using an all-electric and tie-bar-less Engel e-motion 80 TL injection molding machine to demonstrate the ease of managing and controlling self-adapting, intelligent assistance systems without the need for operators to acquire special skills.

Fluctuating process conditions will be simulated in the CC300 control unit of 80 TL machine so that visitors can track the automatic readjustment by the intelligent assistance systems.

Similarly, iQ weight control and iQ clamp control detect variations in ambient conditions and ensure consistency in the injected melt volume and set the correct clamping force for good mould venting.

The tie-bar-less technology offers fast tooling processes, efficient automation solutions and compact production cells, and can be used to manufacture precision parts and premium optical components.

The company will display an integrated e-pic Z robot, which will remove the parts from the mould. The swivel arm consists of a customized, lightweight, thermoplastic composite material, which increases energy efficiency and dynamism.

To showcase its tie-bar-less technology, Engel will also use a Victory 200H/200L/160 combi injection molding machine with integrated Viper 40 linear robot to produce two-component pressure accumulator membranes used in pressure compensation containers.

The two machines will be linked to each other, and they can be tracked in real time using a central computer.

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