Trade Resources Industry Views Dow Launches New Non-Migrating Silicone Additive for BOPP Film

Dow Launches New Non-Migrating Silicone Additive for BOPP Film

Dow Performance Silicones has introduced new non-migrating silicone additive for bi-axially oriented polypropylene (BOPP) film.

The new Dow Corning HMB-6301 Masterbatch is a patent-pending solution, which will facilitate packaging production processing of BOPP film without migration.

The new silicone additive has been developed for BOPP and PP cast films that are used in food bags, wrappers, packages and pouches.

Dow’s silicone additive will help to overcome issues of standard slip agents, including continuous migration from the film surface and degradation over time and under elevated temperatures.

Dow Corning HMB-6301 Masterbatch will allow BOPP film converters and processors to enhance packaging production efficiencies by reducing the coefficient of friction (COF).

Dow’s new additive will preserve the effectiveness of printing and metallization through avoiding impact on surface tension of the corona-treated face.

The new solution, which is supplied in easy-to-handle and free-flowing pellets, is suitable for both sequential and simultaneous stretching lines.

Dow Performance Silicones global segment leader Christophe Paulo said: "Friction is a recurring problem in packaging production using BOPP film (for example, form-fill-seal operations) because it can negatively affect the film’s appearance, cause deformations and even rupture, which interrupts throughput.

"New Dow Corning HMB-6301 Masterbatch not only addresses these issues, but can free customers from storage time and temperature constraints and relieve worries about additive migration, enabling them to maximize quality, consistency and productivity."

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