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Pandora Business Analytics Solutions Are Available for Customers

Omnicell,Inc.(OMCL)today announced that its Pandora®business analytics solutions are now available for customers in the Middle East markets.Pandora is a leading medication and supply automation analytics tool in United States hospitals where it is used by hundreds of customers.Pandora analytics provides simple,customizable dashboards with key performance indicators based on data collected from the health care facility's automated dispensing cabinets.Omnicell will be exhibiting at Arab Health Congress in Dubai,UAE January 27-30,2014 where Pandora will be introduced to the congress attendees.

Health care providers use the insights from Pandora to improve inventory management of medications and medical supplies and to detect potential diversion of controlled medications.Pandora software aggregates supply data across the hospital as well as medication data from central pharmacy,anesthesia and dispensing systems used in the nursing units.This integration provides facility-wide visibility of usage and inventory,enabling more informed clinical decisions.One key advantage of the Pandora software is the new ASHP Item Shortage function,which allows clinicians to directly access the ASHP drug shortage list.This function,along with the new Item Locator,can save health care facilities significant time spent on drug shortage management.Pandora also offers the Remote Par Optimization(RPO)module which allows clinicians to automatically implement par levels in the Omnicell®dispensing cabinets providing a more efficient way to optimize par levels.

Pandora integrates with the Unity platform,Omnicell's premier automation solution,that features five product families for use in a wide range of patient care venues throughout the health care facility connected through a single,shared database.Integrating multiple solutions across the health care enterprise via one shared system can save clinician time and help reduce errors by eliminating redundant data entry.Omnicell solutions that are part of the Unity platform include the fourth generation(G4)medication and supply dispensing cabinets,the Controlled Substance Management System,WorkflowRx™,Anesthesia Workstations,and Savvy™mobile medication workstations.Pandora provides metrics for all core Omnicell solutions.

Other Omnicell solutions that will be featured in the Omnicell Arab Health Congress booth include:

OmniRx®G4 Automated Medication Dispensing Cabinets(ADCs)that manage,store and dispense medications,while allowing nurses to print patient-specific labels right from the ADC during medication issue.Anesthesia Workstation,an automated dispensing cabinet for the operating room that allows for secure,convenient access to drugs and medical supplies required during surgery and automatically documents controlled substances,relieving the anesthesiologist of the tedious task of counting medications.Savvy mobile medication workstation streamlines the medication administration process and provides safe and secure transportation of medications from the automated dispensing cabinet to the patient's bedside.The demonstration of Savvy will highlight Omnicell's interoperability with other systems.

Omnicell will also be demonstrating solutions from its subsidiary,MTS Medication Technologies®an international provider of medication packaging systems and equipment that enhance the overall quality of care by reducing administration errors while helping to improve patient outcomes.These products offer pharmacies a range of solutions from single dose packaging that improves medication safety and workflow for skilled nursing homes to multi-dose packaging that improves compliance for patients in assisted living or home care who struggle with complex prescription regimens.MTS packaging solutions and automation are currently used by over 6,000 pharmacies worldwide.

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Omnicell's Pandora Business Analytics Solutions Now Available in The Middle East Markets