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Veolia Launches New Coffee Cup Recycling Solution

UK-based resource management firm Veolia has introduced a new coffee cup recycling solution, in a bid to reduce cup contamination and increase recycling rates.

The solution has been designed based on coffee cup disposal habits and trials supported by partners such as Costa and Starbucks.

The solution provides various service options, including specialist designed in-house recycling bin, bulk collection option and post back service for all business types.

The firm will collect cups before they enter the general waste stream to reprocess them into a new product from the material obtained from them.

Later, it will carry out a further separation process to remove all items, once the consumer completes a process that includes liquid draining and separation of the lid, sleeve and cup.

After the cups were debagged, separated and checked for quality and contamination, the cups will be shipped to further treatment at paper pulping facilities to recover the fibres and separate the polymer plastic lining.

Through the support of multiple outlets, the fibre can be used to make different products such as egg boxes or cup holders.

Veolia is planning to keep more disposal locations across the UK, including train stations, university campuses and offices, for collecting the cups.

Veolia UK and Ireland senior executive vice-president Estelle Brachlianoff said: “Over the last six months a lot of activities have been taking place with our customers, such as Costa and Starbucks to overcome our biggest challenge – contamination in the cups.

“As a result, we’ve worked on a solution that will separate the cup from the general waste stream as soon as the customer has enjoyed their drink – and we’re thrilled to see so much public support for cup recycling.”

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