Trade Resources Industry Views In Addition to Black Technology, Millet 5S Conference Also Revealed What?

In Addition to Black Technology, Millet 5S Conference Also Revealed What?

Yesterday afternoon, millet officially released its annual flagship millet 5S and 5S Plus, and a small, the whole system is equipped with Qualcomm Xiaolong 821 flagship chip, as for the price, or we are all familiar with the 1999 yuan.

The whole conference down, when you are still feeling millet phone is still very millet, perhaps you are not aware of the fact that it has changed.

No chicken, no more in sales, after the company's founder Lei Jun millet walked on stage, first tell us is that until now there have been 25 millet millet home line flagship store.

This means that,2016 millet has been online channel force.

The statistics of the market and the online market from Shiner released the domestic intelligent mobile phone line, the first half of this year before the five line of the market are OPPO, HUAWEI, vivo, apple and Samsung, sales were 28 million 40 thousand, 27 million 960 thousand, 24 million 810 thousand, 22 million 540 thousand and 11 million 740 thousand.

Millet ranked ninth, less than cool and meizu.

But the online market, but millet shipments rising 17 million 450 thousand place, followed by HUAWEI, apple and LETV, Meizu, sales were 15 million 810 thousand, 5 million 310 thousand, 5 million 110 thousand, 4 million 730 thousand.It is not difficult to see that the development of millet online and offline channels two legs extreme imbalance.

Referred to by the electricity suppliers started millet, often referred to as a word is high cost". Pay attention to the electricity supplier, despise the offline channels and service construction, let the negative growth in sales of millet recent criticism.

Return to the traditional line channels, has become one of the ways to find a lot of mobile phone manufacturers market increment, HUAWEI, ZTE and Meizu are also moving toward the line, millet is no exception.

Because even Lei Jun also had to admit that the electricity supplier in bring cost-effective products at the same time, also has not touched the natural defects to feel good product experience.

He said in a press conference on millet millet, millet early this year, decided to use 3 to 4 years in the country to open 1000 retail stores.
November 2011, the first home of millet opened, but its function has been limited in the after-sales service, maintenance and part of the product's pre sales experience.

Until September 2015, millet began to real in their own line store shelves to provide including mobile phones, routers, TV, as well as all known as millet, x rice and other names of the ecological chain intelligent hardware products.

It is foreseeable, according to Lei Jun said, after three or four years of millet stores across the country will.

Just line channels are short board to make up the channel, or say a bubble, we still do not know.

For the domestic mobile phone manufacturers, the price of 3000 yuan is a threshold, generally more than 2500 yuan can be called in the high-end user location.

After the January 15, 2015 release of millet Note experienced a price adjustment, the top distribution also sold to 2999 yuan, is a test of the high-end market millet water.

Millet Plus 5S price of 2299 yuan from

And this time the millet Plus 5S is actually a continuation of millet Note.

64GB storage fuselage version of millet 5S still familiar with 1999 yuan, but in fact it's running memory is 3GB, 4GB RAM+128GB ROM version is 2299 yuan, in addition, Xiaolong 821 frequency is 2.15GHz.

The millet 5S Plus, 4GB +64GB flash memory version of the standard price of 2299 yuan, the high version of 6GB flash memory +128GB price 2599 yuan, the same Xiaolong 821 processor, but the frequency has reached 2.35GHz.

Plus a larger than the millet 5S 5.7 inches display and dual 13 million pixel camera, 600 yuan more than twice the difference in memory and flash memory, millet Plus 5S is actually very attractive.

Do not want to sell high-end mobile phone manufacturers are not good manufacturers, in recent years to try 2500-3000 yuan high-end market manufacturers are not in a few.

Millet the price of this clever place is that it seems to be still 1999 yuan started, in fact, more fever configuration of millet Plus 5S is the most moving.

After taking care of the original group of the pursuit of cost-effective users, but also to attract a group of users to the habit and adapt to a higher price segment.

"Not to run a branch!" This is a piece to have a fever and millet mobile phone are widespread.

From millet millet 5 to today's 5S, now we talk about millet, more should be black technology it.

Although the word used in the body of millet is still more scorn and ridicule, but we have to admit that, from the millet 5S conference could feel the millet in the weakening of the hardware, take more space to speak of experience.

Explore the black technology millet fever and health

Although because of excessive packaging often have the opposite effect, but from the 4 millet artistic journey of a piece of steel, ten Black & 5 to millet, millet and 5S of developing non hole type ultrasonic fingerprint technology, explore the black artisan spirit, the annual millet will change, to this year, especially.

Because until the end of the conference, in addition to Xiaolong 821, millet did not even give the parameter configuration millet 5s\/5s Plus complete, we just know the 64GB version of millet 5S price 1999 yuan, do not even know its running memory is 3GB or 4GB.

As a matter of fact, this time millet 5S it is the main two characteristics: non hole type ultrasonic fingerprint recognition and ultra sensitive camera.

To this end, millet also accompanied by a sensational product manager of R & D mentality of video and let the scene media could not hit the hands of SLR proofs show.

The actual experience is not really like Lei Jun said so black regardless of our technology, but no longer pursue high run, but the actual user return pictures and other aspects of experience, it is always a good thing.

"What is your dream? I hope you don't have to be black!" No behind the hole type ultrasonic fingerprint recognition research in VCR, this sentence suddenly let the product manager at the audience.

"I hope not to repeat the Lei black us." this sentence in the scene choked tone, seems to be out this year, millet mobile phone criticism.

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