Trade Resources Market View Emerging Markets Growth Is Imminent

Emerging Markets Growth Is Imminent

Emerging markets growth is imminent. "Global trade management will mature as a critical capability in managing growth in emerging markets," according to research and recently released Predictions for 2014 by IDC Manufacturing Insight.

Both manufacturers and their IT suppliers are looking at emerging global markets in Asia Pacific, South America, and the Middle East. This tendency has been a reoccurring theme in a variety of industry research papers that have been released recently.

Significant global change is about to happen in the global economy. Consequently, the global manufacturing sector will be searching for new opportunities, and supply chain management needs get ready for it.

Predicting expansion into emerging markets

In her article "Manufacturers See Emerging Markets as Ripe for E-Commerce Growth," Heather Ashton, IDC Research Manager, clearly draws the attention to the increasing importance of manufacturers expanding into emerging markets and how their IT suppliers are supporting their initiatives. Once again, the importance of Third Platform technologies — big data, cloud, mobile, and social — is noted, which we have previously discussed here on EBN. (See: Building 3D Value Chains.)

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Global Trade Management Conquers Emerging Markets