Trade Resources Market View San'an and Mls to Speak at LED Forum Are Manufacturered by Chinese LED

San'an and Mls to Speak at LED Forum Are Manufacturered by Chinese LED

LEDforum 2013 Taipei will be hosted by LEDinside on October 16th-17th, 2013. Aside from inviting International and local Taiwanese big named manufacturers to the conference, China LED wafer manufacturer San'an and LED packaging manufacturer MLS Lighting will also be in attendance. With the recent rise in Chinese LED companies becoming supply chains, after securing its top position in the Chinese market, San'an has aggressively sought out partnership with Taiwanese and downstream manufacturers branching out its domain. MLC likewise has obtained a fair portion of market shares through aggressive price competition. During the conference, San'an will discuss the technology development of the LED wafer and MLS Lighting will focus on commercial lighting. This will be the first time for both manufacturers to participate in LEDforum.

How will the rise of the Chinese market affect Upstream and Downstream development?

The rise in Chinese LED manufacturers shift towards being supply chains brought fundamental change and became the biggest strength of these LED industries. Many LED manufacturers are standing out in the market and slowly becoming important supply chains. Such companies include LED wafer manufacturers San'an and Tsinghua Tongfang, LED packaging manufactures Refond, Hongli, MLS, Jufei, and Elech-Tech International, and terminal lighting manufacturers NVC Lighting, Yankon, and more.

San'an has an even footing in the fiercely competitive market. Their recent investment in Taiwan LED wafer manufacturer Formosa Epitaxy(ForEpi) has already been approved by the Taiwan MOEA Investment Committee. After horizontally integrating with ForEpi, the company's next plan is to enter into a joint venture with Yankon lighting in packaging manufacturing continuing San'an's vertical integration strategy.  

San'an's push into vertical integration continues. The price competition of LED wafers between San'an and Taiwan manufacturers has been attracting global attention.  The Vice President of San'an Fujian Providence branch Lin Kechuang will lecture on LED wafer development, the company's perspective on development, and blueprints for LED subsidiary technology. The company's predictions will be a major point in the LEDforum.

Aside from San'an, LEDforum 2013 has also invited Chinese LED packaging manufacturer MLS Lighting to share about commercial lighting. MLS specializes in the LED market. The company's packaging production capacity for this month has reached higher than 10 billion units. Already a supply chain in the Chinese LED market, MLS's steady position comes from the company's superiority in packaging, especially in their ability to control cost.

MLS's targets are to reach RMB$3 billion in sales in 2013 and that fluorescent tubes will increase from 20 million a month to 30 million in 2014. Within 5 years yearly sales are predicted to reach EMB $10 billion. MLS rapidly increasing delivery orders has surprised many of the company's competitors. LEDforum has invited MLS's Marketing and Sales General Manager Lawrence Lin to speak about the company's view on commercial lighting market.

LEDforum 2013 Taipei is a two-day event organized by LEDinside and will be held on October 16th and 17th at Evergreen International Conference Center. The agenda for the first day LED advanced technology the opportunities and challenges, while the agenda for the second day LED innovative application and design – a new LED future. Focused on the future direction of LED industry, LEDforum is an advanced conference to grasp new market trend and future opportunities.

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Chinese LED Manufacturers San'an and MLS to Speak at LED Forum
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