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Enjoy ISF with One-Stop Service

Enjoy ISF with One-Stop Service

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ISF China, held by Shanghai International Sourcing Promotion Center and approved by State Council in 2006, is a national-level fair co-organized by Ministry of Commerce and Shanghai Municipal People’s Government. It is held once a year and is the largest reverse sourcing fair in China at present.


On Sep. 11 2013, the three-day 12th ISF China opened in Shanghai Mart. It had "International Buyer Corner", “UN and International Agency Sourcing Corner”, “Supply Chain Service Provider Corner” and “Industrial Parts Show of China”. With an area of 20,000 square meters, it attracted 511 international buyers, 6 UN and international sourcing agencies to exhibit, and more than 8000 suppliers from worldwide to participate in, which was expected to achieve a sourcing value of 24 billion dollars in China. As the partner of ISF China, had started to prepare for the largest reverse sourcing fair in China two months in advance. Featured corner, well-arranged booth and professional trade consultant attracted attention of buyers and suppliers in the beginning of the fair.

VIP Supplier Arrival Rate Up to 100%’s supplier members felt very surprised and grateful for sample show, fast match, well-arranged discussion and VIP room in the reverse sourcing fair, other than orders.

Sample Show of China from about 50’s supplier members attracted much attention of buyers. A buyer liked the sample of Shangyu City Tongte Forging Co., Ltd. (’s VIP Supplier) very much, so our trade consultant immediately arranged the buyer and supplier to discuss in our one-stop service lounge after understanding his souring request.

According to statistics, ended on Sep. 12’s VIP Supplier arrival rate in the 12th ISF China was up to 100%.

Buyers said they wouldn’t miss the three-day fair.

To increase the success rate of fast match in the fair, had started to invite cooperate buyers two months in advance and arranged discussion according to their souring requests. On the opening day, all the buyers invited such as Auchan, Blackwoods, True Value, DEX, Widthman, etc. arrived at’s one-stop service lounge as appointed.

As an buyer invited , Blackwoods arrived at’s one-stop service lounge with their souring requests. They won the favor of many matched suppliers because of the same products as ISF China’s. To get as many contacts as possible, Blackwoods temporarily increased the number of sourcing rep. according to visiting suppliers on the opening day.

Besides buyers invited, other buyers attending the ISF China were also attracted by’s one-stop service lounge. Sourcing director of Metso came and discussed about cooperation in person, showing great interest in’s sourcing services and high appreciation of "Trade Yellow Pages”. Metso is a world famous Finnish company offering technology and service to customers in the process industries, including mining, construction, pulp and paper, power, and oil and gas.

According to preliminary statistics, ended on Sep. 11 about 100 discussions were arranged in one-stop service lounge and because of highly matched suppliers, many buyers said they wouldn’t miss the three-day fair.

Seminar was appreciated by supplier members.

To help supplier members adapt to the new role of global sourcing and supply chain, in the afternoon of Sep. 12 invited about 10 supplier members to attend the seminar themed “Quality Improvement and Risk Management during Sourcing for Swedish Buyers and Chinese Suppliers”. At the seminar, Swedish executives talked about “Modern Supply Chain and Expectation for Suppliers”, “The Latest Trends and Findings in Supply Chain RM”, etc. Chinese Suppliers said they needed to learn more advanced international experience, respond and advocate positively to international norms like Global Compact for sustainable development. After the seminar,’s supplier members said the modern supply chain management was really worth discussing and improving, and they had learned a lot.

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