Trade Resources Industry Knowledge BASF Is Participating in The 10th Cesio World Surfactant Congress in Turkey

BASF Is Participating in The 10th Cesio World Surfactant Congress in Turkey

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BASF is participating in the 10th CESIO World Surfactant Congress at the Haliç Congress Center in Istanbul, Turkey, from June 1 to 3, 2015. In keeping with the theme "Surfactants in a Globalizing World — Creating New Possibilities," the congress focuses on current, global challenges and solutions relating to surfactants, in addition to providing a platform for experts to exchange information.

BASF showcases these new possibilities at booth 150 with an insight into its expertise and broad surfactant portfolio for Home Care and Industrial & Institutional Cleaning (I&I), Personal Care, as well as for industrial applications and agrochemical formulations.

"The congress offers a platform for us to present the diverse applications and the new global possibilities along the entire surfactant value chain, and to exchange information with our customers on site," according to Jens Kroker, Senior Vice President Home Care and Formulation Technologies Europe.

New possibilities with surfactants for cleaning applications

For Home Care applications, there is a growing demand for detergents and cleaners that clean quickly and efficiently, provide care, are safe and easy to use, and that save resources. At the CESIO Congress, BASF showcases new global possibilities to meet these requirements.

For more sustainable dishwashing, BASF is presenting combinations of Dehypon® surfactants, Sokalan® PA polymers, and the high-performance, readily biodegradable chelating agent Trilon® M. These combinations offer an environmentally-friendly alternative to phosphates in dishwashing tablets without compromising on performance. The Dehypon surfactants show a high rinse performance and enable a superior drying of dishes — even of plastics. They are also suitable for Ecolabel certification.

In industrial and institutional cleaning, the focus is on the convenient and safe use of cleaners that efficiently achieve their cleaning results while saving resources. BASF will present a new solution at CESIO Congress for the cleaning of membranes which are used in various applications in the dairy and beverage production. The BASF innovation consists of the use of readily biodegradable, nonionic surfactants that offer advantages in terms of cleaning performance as well as in application.

Surfactants based on certified sustainable palm oil and palm kernel oil

BASF actively supports the use of palm oil and palm kernel oil from sustainable, certified sources. The company offers a diverse portfolio of surfactants from certified sustainable palm oil and palm kernel oil for the European home care and personal care industry. Jan-Peter Sander, Senior Vice President Personal Care Europe of BASF explained: "We help our customers to develop value-added formulations that meet the strongly increasing demand for certified, sustainable raw materials. Depending on their individual requirements, they can choose between two certified supply chain models to drive their own sustainable development forward." The offer includes primary surfactants for cosmetic formulations or household cleaners. The palm oil and palm kernel oil used to produce these ingredients is certified by the Roundtable on Sustainable Palm Oil (RSPO) and sourced either through the supply chain system 'Segregated' or 'Mass Balance'.

Surfactants for Personal Care products with Ecolabel

The demand is growing – the same is true for shampoos, shower gels, liquid soaps, and bath products made from surfactants that are certified with the Ecolabel. BASF's Texapon® Easy offers a suitable solution: the blend of coco sulfates and lauryl glucosides contains no preservatives, is well mucous membrane compatible, and its active ingredient content of 60 percent ensures excellent foaming properties.

Surfactant compositions such as Texapon® MC120 make it possible to manufacture Personal Care products in an energy-efficient way that conserves resources. The blend of ether sulfate and monoethanolamide is well tolerated by the skin and can be processed without heating at 20°C. The cold process cuts energy costs and the processing times are almost halved. Furthermore, an active ingredient content of more than 50 percent provides shampoo or shower gel applications with an excellent cleaning capacity and very good foaming properties.

New possibilities with surfactants for crop protection

BASF presents Agnique® TXI for agrochemical formulations. This nonionic surfactant increases the effectiveness of crop protection products by increasing retention and spreading properties of spray solutions on the treated leaves. As a result, the performance of the crop protection product is increased which is also demonstrated by a crop yield improvement.

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BASF Presents Broad Portfolio of Surfactants at Cesio Congress in Istanbul
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