Trade Resources Industry Knowledge Buying The Right Type of Bathroom Vanity Will Go a Long Way in Regard to Your Comfort

Buying The Right Type of Bathroom Vanity Will Go a Long Way in Regard to Your Comfort

Buying the right type of bathroom vanity will go a long way in regard to your comfort and satisfaction. The vanity gets used multiple times each day and if it's not suited for how you live or the people who use it, you'll quickly see its flaws. In order to make good choices, consider the following points: Family makeup and primary users of the bathroom The "type" of bathroom and who uses it should be primary factors in deciding on which type of bathroom vanity to choose. "Type" of bathroom refers to traffic and use; is it a family bathroom that gets used by multiple people or is it a master bath with less frequent use? Multiple users (like families with children) mean a lot of traffic and wear and tear on the vanity. More delicate vanity tops and furniture-like vanities might take a beating. Durable surfaces and sturdier cabinetry might be better in these situations. Think about using a double sink vanity if room allows and the bathroom has multiple users. Although a larger single sink vanity has lots of countertop space, two sinks improve a bathroom's efficiency while still providing ample space on the vanity top. The height of the people that use the bathroom vanity is also an important factor. Some vanities are lower than the standard height of a kitchen base cabinet which is about 34 inches off the floor. If you're tall, it may be a pain (both figuratively and literally) to bend down to a low vanity. Taller units similar to the height of kitchen countertops might be better. On the other hand, if children are involved a lower vanity may be more appropriate. Bathroom vanities are essentially cabinets - construction and space matters Most bathroom vanities are essentially base cabinets for the bathroom. Consider the size vanity you need for the amount of room you have in your bathroom. In other words, ask yourself what you want to be able to store inside of it so you'll be able to right-size your vanity choice. Some lower-priced discount vanities, depending on style or where you shop for them, tend to be on the small side with little storage capacity. You may want to consider an expandable/collapsible vanity if you're concerned about getting a new vanity into your bathroom. Their unique design allows them to be transported and installed more easily than a conventional vanity. You can find out more about them in this article. Bathroom vanity cabinets that were dressers or buffets (or are reproduced to look like them) won't have as much space as they look like they might. The top drawer is usually much smaller or non-usable because of the room required for the sink plumbing However depending on the overall size they can still offer a fair amount of storage space. Materials should also be something to consider. Good cabinet construction is just as important here as it is in the kitchen (the previous link will take you to our kitchen cabinets construction page but it's just as applicable to bathroom cabinets and vanities). Find out how the vanity is made and what it's made from to be sure you're getting a good product that will meet your expectations. Bathrooms with tubs and showers tend to see more moisture than kitchens and might pose problems with products made from processed wood products like particle board and/or medium density fiberboard (MDF). Other work in the bathroom might be necessary Depending on your situation and the vanity you choose there may be other work required in the bathroom. If you're replacing an existing vanity and the new one has a different footprint there may be floor work involved. Using a vanity with a sink that's higher or lower than what's there now will require some plumbing adjustments. Think about what's there now (if you're remodeling) and the amount of renovation you're up for when deciding on the new vanity style. However if you're building new or completely gutting the existing bathroom, this might not be an issue. Choose an appropriate vanity top for your situation Choose a good surface for your vanity top that will hold up to the rigors of your particular situation. You may or may not have a choice depending on the vanity you choose. Some are already equipped with a countertop whereas you can choose your top on others. Decorative vanities in a powder room don't often get the same abuse as a family bathroom so more delicate surfaces like marble might be fine in those settings. On the other hand if you have children who aren't as fastidious as you are you might want a more durable surface and one that's easier to clean like solid surface, laminate or engineered stone. Also keep in mind any typical chemicals you have and/or use around the bathroom. Certain cleaners or things like nail polish removers (acetone) might mar the countertop. Regardless of your situation there's a bathroom vanity style that should work for you. That is, unless your space requirements are just so small that a pedestal sink might be a better choice. The important point here is to give thought to your situation and plan so that you're ultimately satisfied with whatever bathroom vanity you choose. Source:

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