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CSA Is The Canadian Standards Association for Short

CSA is the Canadian Standards Association (Canadian Standards Association) for short, which was founded in 1919, is Canada's first industry standard for the development of the non-profit institutions. In 2001 the Association is divided into three CSA Canadian Standards Association, respectively, management system certification and the International Certification Institute, in charge of international certification is CSA International, headquartered in Toronto. Also has overseas branches in the United States, China, Hong Kong, Taiwan and India. Market in North America, electronics, appliances and other products will need to obtain safety certification. CSA is currently Canada's largest safety certification body, the world's best-known one of the security certification body. It on machinery, building materials, electrical appliances, computer equipment, office equipment, environmental protection, health care fire safety, sports and entertainment of all types of security products certification. CSA has thousands of manufacturers around the world provides a certification service, one hundred million each year on products marked with CSA in North America markets.

About CSA Certification

In accordance with the standards of certified products in Canada marked the Canadian market access
  In accordance with American Standard certified products access U.S. market signs
  The United States and Canada in accordance with product certification mark standards prevailing market the United States and Canada

CSA marks are accepted in Canada and the United States

Pre-1992, by the CSA-certified products can only be marketed in Canada, and the products you want to enter the U.S. market, the United States must also obtain the relevant certification. CSA International is now the U.S. federal government has been recognized as the national testing laboratory recognized. This means that Canada and the United States in accordance with the standards of your product testing and certification, at the same time to ensure that you receive federal certification, Chau, provincial and local government recognition. CSA has been an effective product safety certification, you want to enter the world's most tenacious and the vast North American market is very easy. CSA's products can help you quickly and effectively into the United States and Canada market. CSA International will apply for certification process by eliminating the repetition of the procedures to help manufacturers save time and money. For manufacturers, the have to do is make an application to provide a sample and pay a fee, and the sign has been the security can be federal, state, provincial, as well as from New York to Los Angeles at all levels of local recognition. CSA International will work with vendors together to provide a reliable and secure high-quality certification program. In North America and the world, CSA who are honest and highly skilled to win people's trust.

CSA International in Canada four laboratories. From 1992 to 1994, they have access to "the United States Government Department of Labor Occupational Safety and Health Administration" (OSHA) official recognition. According to OSHA rules, to gain this recognition, it can be recognized as a national testing laboratory, a range of products to more than 360 United States in accordance with ANSI / UL standards for testing and certification. By CSA International for product testing and certification, have been identified as full compliance with the standards can be sold in the market between the two countries the United States and Canada.

To obtain certification in North America is both time and money to the province, simply complete an application, provide a sample, pay a fee. With the CSA, to help you step into the market between the two countries. This CSA certification services to facilitate the test, ruled out the different between the two countries made the required certification to repeat the test and evaluation. This is a reduction of manufacturers in product certification, testing and re-tracking the cost of testing, but also saves valuable time, and save the trouble of making a variety of vendors and certification bodies to deal with the trouble, so as to achieve a multiplier effect.

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