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A Management System That Guarantees Professionalism and Quality Control

Residential building HQE™ certification responds to a general aim to provide new, sanitary and comfortable housing and thereby ensure a better living environment while limiting the building’s impact on the environment.

During the project:

A certification scheme created with the approval of all parties concerned by the issue of housing (construction companies, users, project owners, industrial firms, public authorities, etc.).
A management system that guarantees professionalism and quality control by the project owner (checked by Cerway, which also puts forward an environmental quality assessment method).
Support and guidance to purchasers at every stage of the project (information on project progress, owner's guide, issuance of a certificate of compliance on delivery, customer satisfaction survey, etc.).
The project owner is left to decide on the most appropriate environmental solution, as long as the minimum requirement thresholds are met.
Respect for the environment (environmental impact of materials and of the site).

During use:

  • Control of the building's impact on the environment.
  • Control over water and energy consumption.
  • User comfort (acoustic and visual).
  • Health and security (quality of air and water, security regarding the risk of break-ins).

As well as:

The image of the French HQE trademark, which embodies know-how recognised around the world and is a guarantee of superior quality, performance and constant progress

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