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There Are Different Classification of Hand Tools Based on Various Criteria

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There are different classification of hand tools based on various criteria. One of such hand tools classification is based on specific purposes for which they are used such as ,carpentry tools, carving tools, automotive tools etc. Other classification of hand tools is based on the mechanisms on which these tools work. For example, striking tools, gripping tools etc. Hand Tools Classification On the basis of the various mechanisms used, hand tools classification can be done which lead to four different types of hand tools. Classification of Tools- Know all about different types of hand tools. On what criteria hand tools classification is done? How one can differentiate among different hand tools on the basis of operating mechanism and their uses? Cutting Tools: As the name suggests, these tools are used for cutting purposes. Cutting tools are used not only to cut a physical object into pieces but also used to remove metal or wood from the workpiece by means of sheer deformation. Hand tools are also used for gripping objects by using leverage. For example: Pliers, Cutters, Snips Gripping Tools: Many a times, it is required to remove metal or wood from the workpiece or to hold a part to do further work or even pick up forcibily something like nails etc. from within a piece of wood or metal. In such circumstances, gripping hand tools are used for gripping objects by using leverage. For example: Pliers, Cutters, Snips etc. Striking Tools: The striking tools are the most widely used tools and they are also considered to be the the most often abused tool. Chiseling, punching and riveting can be done properly using striking tools. Hand-held striking tools have been used in a variety of disciplines as leveraged devices providing a striking force to complete endless variety of tasks. For example: Hammers, Chisels Driving Tools: Driving hand tools are those tools which are designed in a such a way so that insertion, tightening, loosening, removing screws, bolts, nails or other pointed objects or hard to turn items is done by applying torque. These tools have mechanical advantage in applying torque. For example: Screwdrivers, Nut drivers, Hand wrenches, T-handle wrenches Struck or Hammered Tools: Struck or hammered tools are tools used for forcing a bolt, pin, or rivet in or out of a hole. For example: Punches, Nail sets, Chisels Uses of Different Types of Hand Tools MeasuringHand tools, as is known, are available in various types, shapes and sizes with different degrees of hardness and varying configurations for specific purposes. Hand tools are used throughout the world by industry, railroads, foundries, contractors, carpenters, automotive body men and hundreds of others, including home repair services. Some of the hand tool uses have been listed as under. Cutting Repairing Plumbing Painting Carving Gardening Hand tools classification is just done for the convenience of understanding the types of tools available for different uses. Each hand tool is designed for a particular job and should be used for that purpose only. Using a tool for some other work instead of its intended purpose lead to various damages in the tool which can cause discomfort, pain or injury. For avoiding these types of hand tool injuries, one must also use them in a safe manner. Source:

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Classification of Hand Tools
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