Trade Resources Industry Knowledge Here Are Many Items Were Accredited by GOST-R

Here Are Many Items Were Accredited by GOST-R

Electrical engineering, instrument-making, radio engineering:
Domestic appliances (refrigerators, washing and sewing machines, vacuum cleaners, hygienic machines for cooking and kitchen work, electric instrument)
Lightning wares, watt-hour electric meters
Electronic equipment, means of communication, alarm systems, TV-sets
PC, slot machines
Cinema- and photo- equipment and accessories, watches
Electric power supply items (accumulators, cells and batteries)
Domestic electrical welding equipment

Raw materials, materials, substances and wares of industrial and domestic purposes:
Solvents, hydrogen peroxide
Polymers, plastic masses and wares
Petroleum-chemistry production
Oil, lubricants
Inorganic chemistry production
Detergents, Shampoos, Crockery
Domestic chemistry production
Coolagents, cooling liquids
Detergents for textile wares, stain removers
Car, motorcycle and bicycle detergents
Another domestic chemistry production, clues, corroborative, flavoring and deodorant agents
Thermoses, Fertilizers

Textile and light industry production:
Textile, matters, decorative items
Textile wares, Clothes, Sack and fibres
Carpets and wares, Toys
Shoes, including professional shoes

Agricultural and food production:
Cereals, grounds and wares, including bread
Meat and poultry, meat wares, cookery
Fish and sea food, Fruits and vegetables
Fats of animal and vegetable origin
Confectionary (made of meal and sugar), sugar, chocolate
Wine, vodka and other alcohol beverages, beer

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