Trade Resources Industry Knowledge The E/ e Mark Is Also an European Common Market

The E/ e Mark Is Also an European Common Market

HE2 WEI4 E/ e. Mark
The E/ e Mark is also an European common market, to the vapor.Zero accessories products, noise and waste gas etc.s of motorcycle and its safeties, all need according to the EU ordinance �� the EEC Directives �� with European economic committee laws �� the ECE Regulation �� of provision, meet the attestation request through a product, then give to the qualified certificate, to insure the request of the safety and the environmental protection of go the car.
The E- Mark depend on the attestation country and do not be different, is also different the serial number that give to, for example put forward the application toward Luxembourg, its E- Mark marking is an E13/ e13.
Apply the scope of the product
The whole car �� namely two rounds or more than three electrical engineeringses move the pileup, such as the passenger car, truck, motorcycle, bus and vehicle out of the roads
The vapor motorcycle components �� lamp and lamp bulb, various see the mirror, tire, a turn, car of , trumpet and guard against theft equipments, safety belt, the automobile glass and line up windpipe etc.
The vapor motorcycle zero subsidiary electric appliances product etc. inside the safe chair, car of accessories �� safety helmets, childs
Since October of 2002, rule all vehicles, zero partses of vehicle, and used for the electronics on the car product's must execute forcibly the test of EMC. All electronicses zero parts beards that sells in Europe unify to match the EMC instruction 95/54/ EC, carrying on according to the EMC instruction 89/336/ EEC of announce by one's own will no longer valid. But be authorized the vehicle product by the EU to announce the organization to have the certificate of E/ e Mark.Also is to say, the CE( EMC) attestation that the vehicle electronics and electronics zero partses at first apply for will be no longer valid since October of 2002. Must re- apply for the E/ e Mark certificate rear that the transportation section of the European nation have and can be in the European market sale. HE2 WEI4 E/ e. attestation of Mark
Europe for the whole car of mobile car and involve the request that zero partses and systems of the safety contain safe attestation, the concrete body symbolizes to symbolize the attestation with e for the E now.
The laws( Regulation) �q that marking of E comes from the European economic committee( the Economic Commisssion of Europe, the brief name ECE) promulgation the ECE includes 28 nations of Europe currently, member in addition to the EU abroad, still include the Eastern Europe, the national laws of �q ECE of non- Europe of etc. of south Europe is to recommend each member to apply, is not standard member's country of �q of compulsive can use the laws of ECE with the set, can also postpone to use the native laws �q is from the market need currently see, usually the test report and the certificate �q that member of ECE would like to receive to match the laws of ECE E marking the product that certificate involve is zero partses and system parts, have no the whole car attestation corresponds the laws �q to acquire the E marking attestation of product, is is the market accept of local and familiar E of �q marking attestation the product contain automobile lamp bulb, safe glass, tire, triangle caution card, vehicle-use electronics product etc. �q the performance that E symbolizes the attestation test organization generally is the technique service organization �q E of member's country of ECE symbolize the certificate of hair certificate the organization is the government of member's country of ECE section �q the certificate of all countries contain homologous serial number �s


Attestation of E/emark

The marking of e is the EU committee according to the EU instruction compulsory the whole car of the mobile car of the country usage of member, the safety zero attestation marking �q test organizations of the partses and systems must be the EU member the local technique service organization, the hair certificate organization is EU member the country government transportation section �q acquires the e marking attestation of each EU of product member's national capital will approve the �q together E marking the attestation is similar, the certificate of each member's country contain homologous serial number �s

Attestation of E/emark_1

Is the E marking or es marking attestation regardless, the product wants to pass the test first, producing the quality control system of the business enterprise to also want that request of attain the standard of ISO9000 at least. Our company can in order to produce the business enterprise to provide the standard in attestation guidance, sample part estimate, raised to pass the rate consumedly. We are efficiently, fast, profession of service, not only obtain the attestation for you only, but also include the later factory check guidance, standard renewal, certificate renewal, take delivery of goods the check etc. aspect, to guarantee that the product of your company is subjected to the widespread approbation in Europe.

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Attestation of E/emark