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VIP Buyer One-Stop Service for American Buyer

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An American buyer Mr. Avi enjoyed’s VIP Buyer One-stop Service from April 19th to 28th. Mr. Avi has been coming to the Canton Fair for many years looking for various Chinese products. It was the first time he used VIP Buyer One-stop Service, which made his trip more productive than anytime. This year he came to China looking for bronze sculptures, chairs, hotel decoration and fashion handbags. In Foshan, the city well known for furniture, we took him to visit three qualified chair factories. The suppliers gave quotations on every item that he was interested in. Then Avi met three sculpture suppliers in Foshan and Shenzhen and discussed the prices, production, packaging and so on with these sculpture suppliers. All these meetings were set up and well arranged by On April 27 and 28, face-to-face meetings were held for Avi to meet with fashion handbag suppliers in Made-in-China’s Guangzhou office. Avi met 18 bag suppliers which were all recommended by, visited 6 factories of them after the meetings, and also received many free samples from the suppliers. Avi expressed his gratitude to our professional service that made his trip smooth and fruitful. In this September, he will come to China and use our service again.

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