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Make Friends World-Widely, Make Chinese Brand World-Noted

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Guangzhou, the “Wheat Ear City” has witnessed the 9th Business Banquet of in April. Chambers and organizations of commerce from Italy, the UK, Australia, Germany, Brazil, Bolivia, and Sweden attended the banquet, bringing billions of business opportunities to the Banquet. Make Friends World-Widely With the spread of the European sovereign debt crisis and emerging countries’ financial inflation, manufacturing enterprises, especially SMEs in mainland, are experiencing a tough time in international trade and facing increasingly severe situations. The current economic globalization and trade liberalization make it possible for the world's resources to be disposed more effectively on a global scale configuration, while high-end Business Banquet is to maximize and optimize the advantage of internet resources to the full extent. has been keeping on cooperating with oversea chambers of commerce. From 2009 to now, we have successfully held 9 high-end Business Banquets, building bridge between suppliers and buyers, offering face-to-face communication opportunities to them. High-end Business Banquet is organized specifically for businessmen. It is a clearly-themed and innovative international social method. During the banquet, domestic suppliers not only have the opportunity to know representatives from oversea chambers and organizations of commerce to obtain more information and services, but also enjoy the chances of acquainting quality buyers to directly know product and market trends and purchasing habits of different buyers. Moreover, the suppliers gain potential buyers and orders as well as promoting their products during the banquet. Given such a good occasion, suppliers expand their business circles to get in touch with high-end businessmen. With the intermediary International Chambers and organizations of Commerce, business boosting and transformation are highly possible. VIP buyers Zahida Abbas from the United Kingdom commented on the high-end Business Banquet, "Made in China staff helped me and my company a lot. Fluent English, accurate match, considerate arrangements. They are the reasons why I choose all the time." Make Chinese Brand World-Noted The 9th high-end Business Banquet, together with annual Award of “The Beauty of Made in China”, was devoted to change at home and abroad the inherent prejudices against "Made in China", striving to win bargaining edges for domestic small and medium-sized enterprises in oversea markets. Co-sponsored by, the Southern Weekend and Chinese Industrial Design Association, Annual Award of “The Beauty of Made in China” also invited foreign chambers of commerce to form an observation judge group. This group observed from buyers’ perspective and proposed suggestions for China suppliers to help the medium-sized and small enterprises to break constrains of traditional concepts, aiming to boost their products’ transformation and upgrading. Dongguan Dingli Import and Export Co. , Ltd., who once won “The Beauty of Made in China” award , has participated in the high-end Business Banquet for many times. The company's general manager said, "We get acquainted with an Argentina buyer in a high-end Business Banquet held by before and kept in touch with him. As we communicate more, we know more about each other. He visited our factory in 2011 and visited us again in April of 2012. Not long after that, he placed a large order on us. The high-end Business Banquet provides us with a lot of opportunities to explore emerging markets indeed!”

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